Diablo Lake Engagement Session

Amy and Rein are getting married Portland but wanted an epic Diablo lake engagement session for their save the dates. The north cascades are always my first choice for big mountain views. The first time we had their session scheduled we got rained out really bad. This whole spring has been insanely wet. Luckily on the second go around we got lucky and only had a little rain AND snow but it came with a great sunset and a rainbow so it was definitely a fair trade. I love recommending the North Cascades Diablo Lake In North Cascades National Park is a rad spot for a small wedding/elopement or as in this case an engagement session.

Rainbows and Grizzly Bears

I love a good Diablo Lake engagement session because it’s a super easy location to access without hiking. Because Amy and Rein had an older dog I chose a location that was easier to access but still provided amazing views. I also suggested Artist Point which is probably my favorite location in the North Cascades that doesn’t involved some serious hiking but the road in was still closed thanks to the high snow pack. We got really lucky with the weather. A huge storm moved through on the other side of the mountain range and just glanced us with rain and first but then it turned to snow. Luckily it provided a really dramatic backdrop to work with and a rainbow popped out in the end. Amy and Rein embraced the weather and didn’t mind getting wet at all which is a photographers dream client move. I love shooting up here but as I’ve warned in previous blogs it does get very busy on weekends so I highly suggest weekday only shoots at this location but it’s well worth it. OH! and we saw a grizzly bear on the way out of the park! How awesome is that?!

If you’re wanting to elope  or have intimate wedding or engagement up in the North Cascades send me a line and get in touch. The North Cascades are hands down the prettiest mountain locations on the west coast. Highly recommend a Diablo Lake engagement session if you’re wanting the mountain vibes without a big hike.

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