Columbia River Gorge Engagements

Government Cove Engagement

This Columbia River Gorge engagement was taken at Government Cove which is one of my favorite locations to photograph in the gorge. Amelia and Griffin are getting married at Skamania Lodge next year so it was only fitting we did their engagement session in the Columbia River Gorge. Amelia wanted some waterfalls too so we stopped at Latourell Falls on the way for a few minutes to capture some waterfalls before heading off to do the bulk of the session at Government Cove which is an island that sits in the middle of the Columbia River and is a prime spot for sunsets.

River and Romance

I stopped off at Thunder Island Brewing in Cascade Locks on the way to grab some beers for them which we drank before we started shooting. That’s just the way I like to roll. Keeps people loose and relaxed and who doesn’t like a cold beer? Since it was the first time meeting Amelia and Griffin it was nice to take a few minutes to just relax and not rush right into shooting. I like to make my couples as relaxed and at ease as possible.

Government Cove has the most bang for your buck in terms of location in the gorge. It’s easy to get to, tons of different looks at one location and has a 360 view of the gorge. When couples are unsure but want to shoot in the gorge this is usually the first location I recommend. It’s also a great spot for elopements or intimate weddings with family members who have limited mobility.

If you’re wanting to elope¬†at a waterfall or have an engagement in the Columbia River Gorge please get in touch.