Rowena Crest Oregon Engagement Session

Foggy Rowena Crest Engagement

This foggy Rowena Crest engagement session was one of my favorites. I love shooting in the gorge and more often than not have to shoot the lush, green, waterfall side closer to Portland. Getting out into the eastern gorge where it’s drier and the whole mood changes was a great change of pace. I loved the mood and feel of this. Ironically, It rained, we got wet, it was foggy. Not your typically eastern gorge weather. These are the kind of shoots I live for. Nothing perfect about the weather, but just two awesome people in love and a hell of a beautiful place. And if you haven’t checked out Rowena you definitely must.

Autumn Chill and Fog

Backstory: I drove out to Roy’s mother’s cabin outside of Hood River Friday night in prep for our shoot Saturday. We were all staying with her and making a weekend out of it. I got there about 3 hours early and she already had the woodstove and scotch flowing. So waiting for Roy and Lindsey to show up really wasn’t all that bad aided by fire and delicious scotch whiskey. The next morning we woke up early and head out to Lost Lake for a morning hike.  It was so foggy and rainy. Believe it or not I prefer weather like this for shooting. It’s more interesting and always more fun.

After shooting on main road area for awhile at Rowena Crest we headed out to another lookout to catch “sunset.”  It wasn’t a bad hike but the fog definitely made things interesting. Once we got to the overlook we actually had a few moments of clearing where we could see the trees far below. But soon enough the fog and clouds rolled in and it was a whiteout. As it was starting to get dark we made our way down the trail back to the parking lot. Before we left though I wanted to try one more thing. There was so much fog I knew it would amazing if I could illuminate it. So those last few shots of Roy and Lindsey were me haplessly trying to get my flash and focus right in the fog, rain and darkness. Worth it 100%

If you’re wanting to elope or have an engagement on the coast please get in touch. I know all of the great spots and I’m happy to share the beauty of Oregon with you.