Wahclella Falls Engagement

Keli and Sandra Got married a while ago and I just realized i never showed their beautiful engagement photos we took at Wahclella Falls before it was closed. Wahclella is my favorite waterfall to photograph. Unfortunately the trail has been closed this whole year which really bums me out. The hike in is about 1 miles and pretty easy as long as you’re not wearing heels.

Pro tip: always bring sneakers to your shoot even if you are going to wear heels or nice shoes.

Waterlogged and Happy

There’s a few great waterfalls to choose from in the gorge, from Latourell, to Multnomah and many more. Latourell has turned into the most popular because it’s hands down the easiest to get to and insanely beautiful as well. But on this day we were at Wahclella which makes every shoot look great. The trick here is keeping the mist from soaking my couples(and camera gear). It’s usually it’s not too bad, but I always bring a towel just in case. Keli and Sandra have turned into great friends of mine since we photographed this session and honestly that’s one of the great perks of this job is I get to make real, lasting connections with great people.

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