Columbia River Gorge Engagement

Updated 2021:

What a year it’s been. Postponed weddings, elopements popping up everywhere and covid plus a crazy fire season to top it off. I’m so glad this Columbia River Gorge Engagement defied the expectations though. We were supposed to shoot on a Friday. The weather was forecasted to be terrible all week but this time of year you just expect that and have to roll with the rain. A bit of rain is no problem at all, but when it’s a sure downpour nobody wants to be out in that let alone taking their engagement photos. We got lucky though. 3 days before our scheduled shoot date Dhyuthi and Eric were available and so was I. More importantly the skies were set to part for the evening.

Sari and Sunsets

Government Cove is an island accessible by car that sits out in the Columbia. It’s a hugely popular engagement and elopement location for it’s ease of access as well as it’s beauty. Government Cove is just past Cascade Locks in the Columbia River Gorge near one of my favorite elopement locations, Wahclella Falls. It can be tricky to find unless you know what you’re looking for. It’s a little known place by most people but us photographers know it well. You get a 360 view of the gorge and it’s just a spectacular vista point. I haven’t shot much there this year because of Covid so I was very excited to get back out and use that location. And boy did we get lucky with the sunset. Forecasted rain all week and we landed one amazing evening of warm glow. The rest of the week was completely washed out. I hope you guys really enjoy this and the Indian flair.

If you’re wanting to elope or have an engagement in the Columbia River Gorge please get in touch.