Columbia River Gorge Engagement

Harleys, two beautiful women and that Oregon backdrop, need I say more? I loved shooting this Columbia River Gorge Engagement.

The weather in Portland was low 40’s and rainy. Not ideal biking weather so these ladies are champs for even making it to Oneonta Gorge where we started the shoot. The ride from Portland into the Columbia River Gorge is a stunning one but the gorge acts like a funnel and the wind really blows you around in there. To say they were cold by the time we met was an understatement. We actually all got in my rental car and warmed up for about 10 minutes before were started shooting. I really wanted to go down into Oneonta Gorge for the shoot but the water is really high this time of year with all the rain and it would have been fair dangerous to go where I wanted. So we opted for the bridge that goes over the stream that runs through the gorge. After dodging tourists and getting some really relaxed and comfortable posed shots we headed down the road a bit near the railroad tracks that had a really beautiful background. We were parked on the side of the road so we only grabbed a few shots and then headed to Multnomah Falls which is heading back towards Portland. I really wanted to go father into the gorge to Hood River but the girls were so cold on the bike and it was really starting to rain bad so we “settled” on Multnomah. After a quick spell warming up inside the visitors center we went out and captured our remaining frames in front of the falls. Multnomah is absolutely gorgeous and TALL. It’s also usually FULL of tourists(including myself). So we really got lucky in a way with the weather because it kept a lot of people from being in the photos.


I’m moving out to Portland at the end of the year. I really can’t wait to do more work there locally. It’s an amazing city full or some incredibly talented artists. I can’t wait to be able to count myself among that community and live in a place where nature is so grand.

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