Artist Point | Mt Baker | North Cascades Elopement

Artist Point | Mt Baker | North Cascades Elopement


Florals: Wildflower Portland

Charcuterie: Little Bee PDX

Stationary: Ruby Charles Design

Dress: Brides For a Cause

Planner: Keen Events

Honestly, this Artist Point North Cascades elopement that’s stretched out in front of the looming Mt. Baker is probably my all around favorite. It’s the perfect balance of amazing scenery and ease of access similar to Diablo Lake.

Kelly and Aaron own a wedding venue here in Portland called Easton Broad. Being in the industry most of us tend to want to keep things simple on our own wedding days since we’re in the thick of it all the time. Kelly reached out to her fellow vendor friends to help add some great details to their super sweet Artist Point Elopement in the North Cascades. Not to mention I got to be the officiant for this!

The wedding day itself I drove up from Portland to meet them at their super cute Airbnb about 45 minutes from Artist Point where they were actually getting married. I was greeted by their two dogs, Husker and Lucy who are adorable and were supposed to be a part of the ceremony…more on that later haha. We drove up early to make sure we had parking. Artist Point get’s super busy in the warmer months so I wanted to add extra time to be safe.

The dogs loved the hike out which is about half a mile. Once we were ready for the ceremony we quickly realized Lucy the larger of the two dogs was not going to be having it so to speak haha. Luckily my assistant was with me and was able to hang out with Lucy for a good portion of the day which was a life saver. Husker(the chihuahua) was happy to be held and be in the ceremony. Peep the photos below for that cute little heart wrapped in fur.

Between The Mountains

Pro Tip: Artist Point can get really busy on weekends so my advice is to only plan for weekdays if you go this route.

The ceremony itself was super simple as most things with us wedding vendors tend to be on our own days. We celebrated post ceremony with some homemade cocktails(Aaron is professional bartender) and cold Miller Lite before heading off to explore the area as the sun worked its way lower in the sky. We had to occasionally take a break and come back to check on the pups but they were happy as can be with my assistant. I brought some lanterns for the hike out and got some of my favorite photos of the day just after dusk. Once dark we hiked out and headed back to the cabin to celebrate with a cake cutting and cold beer. All around amazing day for these two fellow industry friends.

If you’re wanting to elope or have an engagement up in the North Cascades….. get in touch. Diablo Lake is another great area up that way. Would love to talk to you about your wedding/elopement plans.

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