Portland Engagement - Sauvie Island

This Portland engagement was taken on a SUPER chilly winter day at Sauvie Island just outside of the city. Amber and Zane were absolute troopers though. These two held up like champs. I was the one who could feel his fingers by the end BUT it was totally worth it because we had a fantastic sunset which is a rarity this time of year.

Sauvie is one of my favorite places to go just outside the city. It’s a short 15 minute drive from my apartment but it feels worlds away. Much like Forest Park it’s one of those places that’s easy to forget you’re right near one of the biggest metro areas in the Northwest. It’s also pretty empty this time of year which I can’t say for summertime. you’d be lucky to find parking out there most days.

Sauvie Island Sunsets

For this shoot we went out to the end of Sauvie farthest away from any of the farms or traditional places people go. Eventually the road dead ends and you can walk a dirt road/path for quite awhile until you get to the lighthouse. We didn’t go that far but had fun exploring the area. Because of the wind and cold we wrapped up the shoot(Literally and figuratively) a bit early. Normally I love to get some blue hour photos as well but once the sun dropped it was absolutely bone chilling. Instead we decided to go make a fire and had a bit of fun creating some great images for them while also keeping them warm. Sometimes shoots don’t always go as planned but from the looks of my final photo I’d say I’m quite alright with that.

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