Diablo Lake Elopements

Diablo Lake Elopements

Everything You Need To Know for a Diablo lake Elopement in the North Cascades

Here’s a few but very important tips for eloping at Diablo Lake:

  1. Elope on a weekday. Weekends are insanely busy and you want to prevent having issues with access and parking. I rarely book weekend elopements in popular places for this reason.
  2. Weather can change quickly. You’re higher in elevation than Seattle or Portland. The wind can make it feel much colder than it is and the temps drop quicker and earlier in the season up there.
  3. Plan accordingly. There’s no cell service so make sure everything is well coordinated in advance.
  4. Wildfires make impact your view. It’s a thing out here that we just have to deal with in the summer months. But rest assured your photos will still look amazing. Check out this Elopement session during the wildfires.
  5. Get your permit. You need a special use permit from the parks service that runs about $50. I always recommend people do this just to be safe.

Amor among the Cascades

Rey and Becky were destined to get married here. When Rey moved here from Puerto Rico he had a hiking guide and Diablo Lake was one of the first places he saw that he knew he had to visit. Fast forward a few years and bam, he’s getting married on a perfect day. No crowds, soft overhead lighting and just the right amount of Rum shots.

I absolutely love these small elopements. It’s great to have the family there along for the ride but still keep the ceremony intimate and small. They were even able to bring their dog for the ceremony which if you know me, that’s always a huge plus. I’ve got a few more Elopements up in the North Cascades this year before the weather gets pretty gnarly. Super stoked for these guys and was absolutely thrilled to be able to not only be a part of their day but help document it for them and their family.