Commonly Asked Questions

Is Sasquatch Real?

As real as the ghost living in my parent’s house.

How long have you been in business?

I’ve been photographing weddings in Portland since 2018 when I moved here from North Carolina. But I’ve been a full time wedding and commercial photographer for 9 years now. I’m from wester New York, but went to film school in NC. Now I’m living the west coast live.

Will you be the only one photographing my wedding?

I have a great team. Typically on shorter days you’ll only be dealing with me. I like to keep it personal and have a good vibe/connection with my clients. But on larger weddings I’ll bring in a second shooter I’m very familiar with who’ll be a great addition to your day.

What’s your favorite type of wedding?

I love small and intimate weddings. Whether that’s a mountain top elopement or a small gathering in your parent’s backyard. Smaller weddings are always the most fun for me and usually he couples too.

Do you only shoot weddings?

Nope! I shoot family photos, portraits, headshots and commercial brand work. Sean Carr Photography is my wedding/portrait brand. Sean Michael Carr is my commercial brand.

What should we wear on an engagement shoot?

This is a tough one because it’s so personal. I’ve had clients wear flannel and wide brim hats and other’s bring designer umbrellas. I tell people to do what feels right.

If we’re hiking obviously high heels aren’t a great choice. But beyond the practical elements I leave style totally up to you. I’m happy to weigh in with my opinion though if you’d like some guidance.

Do you have backup equipment?

Of course! Ever pro should have back up equipment in case something fails. I’d never want a dropped lens or broken shutter to jeopardize your wedding photos.

How long before my images will be ready?

I try and be very swift in editing and delivering my weddings and sessions because I know how eager my clients are to see them. Typically one to two weeks is my delivery time.

Engagement sessions and elopements I usually have done in around the one week mark. larger weddings I typically deliver around the two week mark.

No one should have to wait months for their photos. That’s just my opinion.

My venue requires you to have insurance. Do you?

Again, every pro should have insurance. Just let me know which venue needs it and I can email them over proof directly so you don’t even have to deal with it. Nice and easy.

Whiskey or Mezcal?

Might be the hardest question to answer of all. I love whiskey and scotch. But if I had to pick just one I’d probably go Mezcal. My girlfriend is from Mexico and often we go down to visit family and go directly to the source in Oaxaca.

I want to book you. How do I do that?

Email me with your date and wedding/photoshoot info. From there I’ll set up a quick phone call if I’m available. Once we talk I’ll email over a contract for you to sign. Once I have the signed contract and 50% retainer fee you’re all booked.

Is ranch ever ok on chicken wings?

As a western New Yorker, if I see you dipping your wings into ranch, we’re going to have to fight. Ranch is for pizza.

Do you travel?

Yes I travel. Often if it’s within an hour or so of Portland there is no travel cost. If it’s a few hours away or I have to book a flight I ask that all my hotel/rental car/flight costs are covered. That’s something we can discus on a case by case basis though.

Do you sell albums?

Sure do! When inquiring ask me about albums and I can send you my design and pricing guide for albums.