Hug Point - Cannon Beach Engagements

Hug Point Sunset Engagement

This Hug Point + Cannon Beach Engagement got me published in Forbes Magazine! So stoked about that. I’ve linked the article so you can read about Lara and Matt’s cross country covid trip. Lara contacted me at the end of their trip wanting engagement photos to capture the end of their westward journey and the beginning of their journey back east to their home in New York City. I was so excited to be able to show them the coast here in Oregon which is by far the prettiest in the west coast(facts).

She wanted to do Cannon Beach but since Cannon is always crowded and even more so with covid we went to Hug Point which is another local favorite and less crowded, but I will tell you I photoshopped out many people in the background. Not nearly as empty as the photos look but it was still very pleasant.

Sea Stacks and Sunsets

During this Hug Point + Cannon Beach engagement we walked past the waterfall at Hug(Yes there’s a waterfall on the beach!). At the end there’s a nice sea cave that’s covered at high tide and some beautiful rocks we walked out on. I love the warm glow of the ocean air out here with the sea spray at sunset. Makes every photo warm and cozy like a big hazy hug from the sun. Because Lara wanted Cannon too I knew we had to get back and at least get the last few minutes of light at Cannon, and that’s what we did.

We raced back up the highway to Cannon and found a spot close enough to the rocks before the light faded and captured some end of golden hour beach walking before blue hour set in. Again, I was so stoked to be able to show them the coast AND have my photo published in Forbes with their article.

If you’re wanting to elope or have an engagement on the coast please get in touch. I know all of the great spots and I’m happy to share the beauty of Oregon with you.

Cannon Beach Tide Pools Engagement

This Cannon Beach Oregon engagement session with Bob and Nicole was a blast. I photographed this session when I was still considering moving to Portland over three years ago. This was more or less a scouting trip which turned into a work trip. Bob and I grew up in neighboring towns back in western New York. My town was his town’s rival in high school, but once everyone graduated we all drank beer together at the same parties(cornfields, bonfires and kegs kind of thing). Funny how that changes…or doesn’t.

Goonies Never Say Die

We took the day to drive to the coast to check out the sea lions in (sorry no photos). Then we headed south to this really awesome shipwreck sticking straight out of the sand. We were lucky to get there when there weren’t a lot of people around because apparently it’s swamped with folks. They also had these really awesome driftwood shelters built on the sand dunes ever 50 yards or so. This would be a fantastic place to camp. From the shipwreck we headed farther south along the coast to Cannon Beach which is famous for the movie The Goonies. Astoria(the town we started in) is actually where the main house in is located. Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach was PACKED with people. We waited a bit closer to sunset and it seemed to clear out quite a bit. I can’t imagine how busy this place gets on a nice day in the summer. They had tide pools at the base of the rock you were able to walk out to but it was roped off at certain point to prevent people from damaging it. We did a few photos right there at the tide pool before walking back to the parking lot to get the wider shot of Haystack Rock which is the infamously pointed rock jutting out from the background.   I really love the west coast. It’s so dramatic and the scenery just gives giving you more and more to work with.

If you’re wanting to elope or have an engagement on the coast please get in touch. I know all of the great spots and I’m happy to share the beauty of Oregon with you.

Tide Pools and Warm Embraces