Portland, OR based. From Buffalo. Lived in NC for 10 years. Recently moved to Oregon. Happy to shoot anywhere.

Things I love: Travel, my flannel collection, dogs, Sasquatch(guilty pleasure), and whiskey

Things I don’t love: Airports(ironic because I love travel), black licorice, humidity and taxes.

WHY DO I SHOOT WEDDINGS? To be honest, I never thought this is anything I’d do for a living. I worked in the film industry after college for awhile. The idea of working in an industry like weddings never crossed my mind. I knew I didn’t want to stay in film long term but was searching for that next step. One of my good friends was getting married and asked me to photograph it. Bingo! And that was that!  And it was all downhill from there. A year later I got out of the film industry and started shooting weddings on the regular. Now I’m super lucky to be trusted by some of THE RADDEST couples to document and become a part of their wedding and the moments that lead up to it.

 I typically shoot all over the U.S. and abroad. Uptight and super traditional is not what I do(but I’m happy to do traditional for you). I’m all about a relaxed, fun and adventurous day of shooting. I will probably ROCK A BOLO TIE, if you OFFER ME A SHOT I’LL DEFINITELY PARTAKE, and I will most DEFINITELY HIGH FIVE YOU after you walk back down the aisle. To me it’s all about being genuine, honest and fun. But have no fear, I’ll still make sure I get all the important shots, including the family portraits, because let’s be honest, those are the photos that will be hung on the wall. 
My methodology is this: IT’S MOST IMPORTANT TO BE AUTHENTIC TO YOURSELVES! When it comes to your wedding I want you to not be afraid to FOLLOW YOUR OWN HEARTS. So many couples feel pressure to have the wedding their family wants them to have when really they just want to elope to Iceland. I vote Iceland. I love my couples because they’re people I connect with on a personal level and not just paycheck. I’d love to GRAB A PINT and just get to know you and your fiancé first if we’re in the area. If not, let’s set up a Skype chat or a phone call(I’m a big believer in a phone conversation vs 20 emails).


Now if you’re reading and you’re looking for senior portraits or family photos send me a message through my contact form and we can get the ball rolling!