Forest Park Engagement

This Forest Park Engagement was a fantastic session. We met at a trail head and hiked up to one of the access roads near St. Johns. Brittany and Matt brought some beers that I threw in my backpack as well as a joint to keep things relaxed. The more relaxed the couple is the better. So if that means a beer before the session or a joint I’m all in favor.

We found a huge patch of ferns along the trail that we dove head first into. Not sure exactly where it was as we walked for quite awhile but it was stunning. I knew we wanted to catch sunset higher on the trail so we spent most of the early part of our shoot walking through the ferns just exploring. A Forest Park engagement session usually is done near the trailheads because most people don’t want to hike. I was super stoked these two were willing to trek it a bit to get to new areas I hadn’t photographed.

Tall Trees and Tattoos

After spending about an hour or so in the ferns and nearby areas we hiked farther up onto the access road that had decent amount of clearing so we knew the sun would get through. I was really hoping for those big sun rays and boy oh boy it did not disappoint. There’s really no way to time things like that. Just a matter of luck and kicking up a ton of dust to really let them shine. Matt’s parents own some property near Portland so we also worked some sunset shots into the session from their land.

Just two absolutely super rad people. I love when I get to connect so well with people. Makes my job a million times better.

If you’re wanting to elope or have an engagement in here in Oregon please get in touch.