Mt Hood Cooper Spur Wedding

This Mt Hood Cooper Spur Wedding was one of my favorite “big” weddings of the summer. Most of this last year has been elopements so this wedding was a welcome change with it’s great party vibes. Heather and Peter were the most “good vibes” couple to work with. Nothing but absolute positivity and love radiating out of those two. Heather’s father was starting to struggle with memory issues so it made it all that more important to capture those little moments for them. Really lucky to do what I do on days like this.

The venue itself, Cooper Spur is one of my favorite venues up on Mt. Hood. It’s owned by Mt. Hood Meadows, a popular ski resort and wedding venue. On summer nights the sun goes down super late and it’s just a great secluded place to host all of your friends and family. It’s also a hotel with cabins so if you’re wanting a place everyone can chill for the weekend on site look no further. They also have a great little restaurant and bar so after hours is only a few stumbles away 😉

Nothing But Love

There’s quite a few really nice weddings venues up on Mt. Hood past Hood River. Hood Organic Farms, Mt. Hood Meadows and Lost Lake just to name a few. It’s always a pleasure to get to work up on the mountain and I love how easy it is for folks to get a slice of our beautiful outdoors to share with their out of town guests.

If you’re wanting to elope or have an engagement up in the on Mt. Hood send me a line and get in touch. Hood has a variety of rad locations and if you’re up for a bit of adventure you can photograph on the mountain all year.  Hands down the prettiest mountain locations on the west coast near Portland.

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