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This Cooper Spur wedding is from 2019 well before the covid craze hit. You wouldn’t be able to get away with a wedding of size now. SInce this year has given me ample time I wanted to catch up on some older blogs I never got around to posting.

Cooper Spur is actually a ski resort up on Mt. Hood. It’s not very big but it is super cute and a great place to have a wedding big of small. There are cabins on the property so you can have all of your friends and family stay right on site. Their main ceremony site is in the backyard of a cabin with a nice view of the top of Mt. Hood on a clear day. If you’re wanting mountain vibes but not willing to go the elopement route Cooper Spur or my other favorite Ski Bowl are great options.

Mountain Tops and Moonlight

Katie and Dustin wanted something with a rustic vibe and I think they hit the nail on the head with that. Between the cabins, the party favors and decor and the scenery it had plenty of rustic vibes flowing through. Cooper Spur is a short drive from Hood River so it’s pretty easy to access. Back in the day the road had access to the Cloud Cap Inn which was a jump-off point for the mountain climbers back in the day. You can’t drive up there anymore but you can hike and the trail head is right next to Cooper Spur. So if you are wanting elopement vibes that’s a great option that’s close to Cooper and you can rent out one of their cabins to stay the night.

This wedding was super bright. We were all struggling a bit this day without sunglasses. But we managed to make it through and once the light started to soften a bit later in the afternoon it became perfect. As is typical with larger weddings I didn’t have a ton of time for bride and groom portraits so we raced up to the ski lift area and quickly explored. I would love to have more time up here as there are tons of really great spots to photograph. I’d definitely recommend Cooper Spur if you’re wanted a larger wedding but still want to keep that outdoor/mountain aesthetic.

If you’re looking for wedding venues check out my guide I made to local venues. Or if you just want to talk about elopement or engagement planning please get in touch.