Best Oregon Coast Elopement Location

I call this the Best Oregon Coast Elopement Location because it is hands down my favorite on the coast. The south coast is admittedly more epic than the north coast but most folks aren’t willing to drive down to remote parts of the coast for epic views. Typically people fly into Portland and want to elope somewhere relatively close. This spot checks that box and still provides pretty epic views with a ton of convenience since it’s just outside of Cannon Beach. Literally a 10 minute drive from the breweries and hotels. I’d also like to add, the crowds here are usually minimal compared to Cannon which is a huge plus for having an intimate wedding or elopement(no gawkers).

Travis and Sarah came from the midwest for a last minute Autumn elopement. That’s ALWAYS risky if you’re wanting sunshine and good weather. I usually tell any of my couples getting married in October to prepare for rain just so they’re mentally prepared for bad weather. No choice but to embrace it to be frank. Well Travis and Sarah ended up with sunny and 82 so I’d say they lucked out. One of my favorite officiants was available as well as my favorite little catering/picnic company on the coast so I was really stoked for them knowing they were going to have a great experience regardless of weather.

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Seasmoke and Smiles

We started with a first look in the forest on the way into the best Oregon Coast Elopement Location. One of the perks of this location is it’s a perfect combination of forest AND epic coastline. Neither Travis or Sarah had seen the location so I was super excited to see their reactions on the drive in. After the first look we did a few portraits in the fern filled forest and drove down to the trailhead to start the hike to the overlook for the ceremony. We met the officiant and began the walk through the forest which was really popping off with the seasmoke(fog) and sun filtering through. Pretty epic. After a perfect ceremony Travis and Sarah performed their first dance at the overlook with music compliments of the officiant Carolyn. We popped some champagne and hiked back down to the picnic Culinary Concierge setup for them on the beach. After enjoying a few minutes of some amazing food we walked down the beach to finish portraits with some absolutely killer light. They really lucked out with summer light on an October afternoon. After rocking out some killer portraits we went back, cracked open a beer and lit a bonfire to end the night. All in all it’s about as perfect as and elopement gets. If you’re looking for a nice blanket for your elopement, check out my friends over at El Rancho Supply. They make 100% handwoven Mexican blankets from recycled materials. Beautiful and they last. Great for the beach.

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