Mt Baker Artist Point Elopement

Been a long summer of shooting and I’m just now trying to get some blogs caught up after months of being out in some really rad locations…and with that…this Mt. Baker Artist Point elopement was a blast. Artist Point located near Mt. Baker in the North Cascades is hands down my favorite location to shoot. Chris and Brittany had never been but saw my previous elopements there and fell in love with this location. I shoot up there quite often during the summer months when the road is clear of snow. This year was a late start and much of the area was covered under snow until Mid August thanks to the wet rainy spring we had. Brittany’s parents had to fly out at 4am the next morning so we had a hard cutoff time for photos so everyone could get back to the cabin and enjoy a celebratory dinner. So I flew through the portraits a bit faster than I normally do to make sure they got back in time. The town of Glacier is where everyone stays when you get married out here and it’s a solid 30-45 minute drive from town to the very top.

Between The Mountains

As with all elopements in beautiful but easily accessible locations…weekdays are almost a must for your wedding date. Otherwise you’ll be competing for space and fighting the crowds. If you absolutely must do weekends I HIGHLY suggest a sunrise shoot like the cover photo of this blog from another Artist Point wedding I’m unable to share publicly. It’s such a diverse and amazing location I only wish it were open for more than a few months out of the year but highly recommend it to anyone wanting those big mountain vista.

If you’re wanting to elope at Artist Point or have an engagement up in the North Cascades….. get in touch. Diablo Lake is another great area up that way. Would love to talk to you about your wedding/elopement plans.

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