Wahclella Falls Columbia River Gorge Proposal

Wahclella Falls Columba River Gorge Proposal…Wahclella Falls is easily one of my hands down favorites in the Columbia River Gorge. I often photograph proposals a few times a month at the various falls. It’s a bit tougher in winter with the rain but now that spring has begun the trails and falls are really coming into their own. The rains have them absolutely pumping from winter but the nicer weather is allowing people to get out and enjoy them more. So as always I was more than stoked to go for a quick Saturday morning hike to Wahclella to capture Nick’s surprise proposal.

They brought their dog which if you’ve ever read my blogs or know me I’m a big fan of. Furfriends are always welcome at weddings and events. The hike into Wahclella isn’t too bad. Just a little over 1 mile each way and is relatively easy. For that reason it WILL be busy on a weekend and parking is tough. So I always advise my couples to be done by around 10am. We planned on getting there around 8 to beat some of the crowd and the parking lot was already full. So just keep that in mind as we come into the warmer months at the more popular waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge.

Mist and Moss

As we come into Spring and the season ramps up keep in mind the. popular spots will be very busy on weekends. It’s often much better to propose or elope on a weekday if possible. Saturdays in the gorge can be absolutely nutty. Last year the imposed a timed permit system which they have luckily done away with this year but that just goes to show you how busy it can get. Latourell Falls is down the road and is a much quicker location to shoot/propose. No hike needed but they do have an upper falls if you wanted a more secluded waterfall that doesn’t get many visitors. The coast is another great location for proposals as the weather warms up. I have some information below about elopements an proposal locations you can check out and as always…happy trails. 🙂

If you have any questions about planning, locations or want to reach out check out some of the links below…

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