Bend Oregon Elopement

updated 2/18/22

Bend Oregon Elopement

I had the absolute pure pleasure of photographing this Bend Oregon intimate wedding a few months back. They had planned to elope to an area outside of Bend on a friend’s ranch. To their surprise their friend’s who own the ranch decided to invite all their friends and family as a surprise. So it went from an elopement to an intimate wedding extremely fast.  It was everything you could hope for in a wedding. Beautiful location, really good authentic couple and best of all, ranch puppies. The ranch is owned by the groom’s friends. John and Emily are both actors from New York City and decided to do something little different for their wedding.

I love a good intimate wedding like this in Banff or this one in the North Cascades. drove from Portland to the wedding outside of Bend. It was a lot of sage brush and mountains along the way. Central and eastern Oregon is an absolute stunner of a place though and the ranch was nothing short of amazing. I had only talked with John and Emily on the phone prior to driving out for the wedding. We met up the night before for a beer. I was really stoked that they were just gems of people face to face as well as our prior calls.

That high desert look is really hard to beat if you aren’t going for the mossy greens of western Oregon.


The officiant did a private smudging ceremony for them before the wedding which I thought was really different and a great way to start the day. She even offered to smudge all of the guests as they walked into the ceremony sight, starting everyone off with some good clean energy for the wedding. During the ceremony under a wooden teepee ravens and eagles soared above, the puppies took naps and the sun broke out for a brief moment the end. It was beautiful.

The reception was relaxed, full of good drinks and no formalities. Just dinner and good times. As the sun fell in the sky we hiked the hill above the property for some portraits, took in some great views and returned to dance around the campfire and throw back some Japanese whiskey. 10/10 would shoot this wedding all over every weekend.

The ranch has now opened a second location out in Jackson, Wyoming offering a full resort experience with a chef. Shooting in the east desert is always such a awesome change of pace from waterfalls. Not that I ever tire of those but it’s certainly fun to change it up.

Bend Oregon Elopements never disappoint and I love the incredible diversity of backdrops.