Oregon Coast Engagement

This Oregon coast engagement was as good as they come. Kelly and Travis were a blast to work with and the weather worked out for us after all. Kelly randomly is from the same part of New York I grew up in. So we had fun reminiscing about all of the same familiar stuff. The shoot itself was fantastic. We got so so lucky with the weather. Travis is in the Coast Guard and the day we had initially planned the shoot it was absolutely miserable weather. Luckily Travis couldn’t leave work that day so we reschedule for the next day which turned out to be beautiful at sunset. I’m so glad things work out sometimes.


Like most of my shoots I like to have a mix of candids and posed so we just walked the beach with no plans stopping whenever something looked great or the light became amazing. This part of the coast is right near Cannon Beach which most of you probably know. I love Cannon but it’s always very crowded and this beach offers a bit more variety without the tourist crowds.

This time of year in Oregon you either get rain and clouds or snow if you’re willing to go up on the mountain. So the mere fact we had a beautiful sunny evening to photograph made me and them so very happy. I do love the fog and rain, but it’s nice to be able to mix in the sun this time of year.

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