Oregon Coast Elopement Locations

A breakdown of the best Oregon Coast elopement spots from my Oregon Elopement Location Guide.

Oregon Coast Elopement Locations

Cannon Beach Area

Admittedly, Cannon Beach is not my favorite location for elopements BUT it’s one of the most requested so I’m putting it first.

It is stunningly beautiful, BUT it’s also always completely swamped with tourists. But within 10 minutes north and south of Cannon are some real gems though including my favorite north coast elopement location. If you’re dead set on Cannon have no fear there’s still a bunch of ways to make it look incredible without the crowds.

  1. Cannon Beach
    – An hour and a half from the Portland airport, this cute little town is probably Oregon’s most well known coastal spot. With a population less than 2,000 there’s more puffins here than people but don’t let that fool you. It gets busy. An absolutely gorgeous spot for an elopement. I only recommend it for early mornings or low tide afternoons where you can space out a bit from the tourists. This place get’s packed with people and for that reason I often don’t recommend it. Instead I recommend the locations below.
  2. Ecola State Park
    -Hands down my favorite location on the north coast. It’s secluded and overlooked but a 5 minute drive from downtown Cannon Beach. It includes 9 miles of coastline from Cannon Beach to Seaside including Tillamook Head which is a great hike if you’re feeling more adventurous for your elopement. The rocky beach and lush forest there provide ample scenery to have an amazing elopement. Plus you’re right next to Cannon if you want to stay at an Airbnb overnight. AND it’s where they filmed the last scene with Swayze from Point Break which is arguably the best movie every made.
  3. Hug Point
    – Another great spot. About 5 miles of coastline just south of Cannon Beach. It’s a wide open beach with that even has a small waterfall that runs during the rainy season. It’s usually less crowded than Cannon Beach but the parking lot can still fill up quickly so it’s best to not plan weekends here.
  4. Short Sands
    – Tucked away about 10 miles south of Cannon Beach in Oswald West State Park Short Sands has has been a popular surfer spot for ages. It’s a beautiful little beach that I absolutely love. It used to be an amazing campground but in 2008 and giant Sitka Spruce tree feel and the state closed the campground. Now it’s day use only. This and Ecola State Park are my two favorite spots on the north coast.
  5. Cape Kiwanda
    – Another popular spot famous for it’s sea stack rock and giant sandstone cliffs. It’s closer to the central coast but because it’s popular with couple’s coming in from Portland I’m including it here. About an hour and a half drive from downtown Portland it’s an easy drive. The beach is popular with the 4×4 and surfing crowd. Honestly my favorite part is Pelican Brewing is right on the beach. A great all around spot.

Accommodations Advice:

There are many great Airbnb’s in the area as well as some traditional BnB’s. Below is a list of some of the more popular spots. But be sure to check reviews first! As with all of these lists, camping is a fantastic option as there are plenty of state parks nearby which only run about $20/night.

Arch Cape Inn
Cannon Beach Hotel and Lodgings
The Lighthouse Inn
Riverside Inn at Seaside

Officiant: I’d highly recommend Oregon Beach Ceremonies as an officiant for any north coast elopements.

Best Oregon Elopement Locations Ecola State Park

Cape Perpetua

Cape Perpetua is a gold mine of great locations and was named after Captain Cook! It’s about 2 miles south of the town of Yachats which is a cute little town well worth stopping or staying in. They have a great brewery and easy access to many of the following locations. It’s also a well known whale watching location so keep that in mind.

  1. Thor’s Well
    This place is well known by tourists. It’s a natural rock formation that allows the tide to splash up out of a hollow cave in the rock. A fantastic spot to check out. Do be sure to check the tides though as this can massively change the location.
  2. Heceta Head Lighthouse
    -Named after Spanish explorer Bruno De Heceta, this lighthouse is located 13 miles south of Yachats. This is an amazing location for an elopement and it’s on the National Register of Historic Places. Plus there’s a good chance you’ll see some sea lions here.
  3. Cape Perpetua Overlook
    – If you want big views, this is your spot. Named after Saint Perpetua it towers almost 1000 feet above the ocean below. Luckily you don’t have to hike though. You drive all the up to the top of the mountain and are literally above the birds. It’s an amazing vista and a great place for a sunrise/sunset ceremony.
  4. Any of the beaches
    – The beaches here like Stonefield and Neptune State Scenic area are all free and gorgeous. Just pick a spot and you’re golden.

Accommodations Advice:

There are many great Airbnb’s in the area as well as some traditional BnB’s. Below is a list of some of the more popular spots in the Cape Perpetua area. But be sure to check reviews first!

Heceta Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast
Ocean Haven
The Adobe Resort
The Fireside Lodge

Top 4 Best Oregon Elopement Locations at Cape Perpetua
Top 4 Best Oregon Elopement Locations at Heceta Head Lighthouse

Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor

Named after Samuel Boardman the first superintendent of the Oregon parks system, this area is technically this is in the South coast, but it’s strong enough to stand on it’s own. Samuel H Boardman Scenic area is 12 miles of coastline that is the most rugged and most spectacular of all. It’s become well known because of instagram but was previously the Oregon coast’s best kept secret. You can hike about 30 miles of the Oregon Coast Trail here too if you’re feeling adventurous. These spots below are all free but be aware there’s not any bathroom access at most places(plenty of trees though!).

  1. Arch Rock
    – A short loop hike will take you to one of the most famous vistas and a great place to overlook the amazing coastline here.
  2. Secret Beach
    -Another amazing location that’s a very short hike from the road. This spot is amazing, but check the tides first. At high tide it may not be accessible. It’s not so secret anymore but that’s fine by me.
  3. Natural Bridges
    – Definitely the most well know spot in the area. It the essential tiny people big landscape shot from instagram. And well worth it. If you are wanting absolutely epic vistas for your photos this is it. hands down one is my top pick but they are all incredible.

Accommodations Advice:

There aren’t a ton of hotels the immediate area so you’ll have to probably look about 10 miles south in Brookings which will have plenty of offerings but here’s one that’s local and has a great reputation.

The Whaleshead Resort

Top 4 Best Oregon Elopement Locations at Samuel H Boardman
Top 4 Best Oregon Elopement Locations at Samuel H Boardman

The South Coast

The South coast is probably my overall favorite spot to shoot. It’s rugged, not very popular by tourist standards and has some amazing locations. There are plenty of small towns and accommodations too so you don’t have to rough it if you don’t want to.

  1. Bandon Beach
    – This place is a dream. Not only does it have stellar seastacks, gorgeous yellow flowers covering the entire dunes and beautiful sand art…it’s located right next to the town of Bandon, a quaint 3000 person town with everything you’ll need. The ease of access combined with it’s natural beauty take the top spot for me.
  2. Gold Beach
    -Gold Beach has some great views itself. But what’s really neat is the Rogue River empties here so you have the option of a rugged river scene or the ocean with it’s rocky shores. It’s a good all around location and I thought it should be included.
  3. Pistol River State Park
    – This one is right up there with Bandon. The sea stacks and sandy shores here are incredible. It’s one of the most incredible backdrops on the south coast and you’re still very close to town so accommodations are easy to make.

Accommodations Advice:

Bandon and the surrounding area will have a few decent options. Far more than Samuel Boardman for sure. Here’s a few below that you might want to look into.

The Lighthouse River Inn
The Pacific Reef
Wild Spring Eco Resort

Top 4 Best Oregon Elopement Locations at Bandon Beach
Top 4 Best Oregon Elopement Locations at Bandon Beach