Portland Proposal Photographer

Surprising your soon to be fiancé with a ring is one of the great joys in most people’s lives. It’s always a blast to be able to capture those moments for people so they can look back on it years down the road, share it with friends and family or just blast it all over social media like we all do nowadays.

Portland has so many great areas to propose. From downtown, to Mt. Hood to the gorge. There’s endless possibilities. So if you want to surprise your best friend with a ring and document it, please reach out so we can make stealthy plans haha.

If you want to get in touch please send me a message through my CONTACT page. If you’d like to look at my elopement packages or other work you can find helpful info here.

Latourell Falls Proposal

This Latourell Falls surprise proposal was a blast. I’ve photographed a few surprise proposals in my day. They’re always a bit nerve-racking. Trick is to not be noticed when you’re hanging out with a giant camera but luckily there’s enough tourists and photographers in Portland it’s generally pretty easy to blend in. Doug contacted me a few weeks before the proposal and I could tell straight away he was super excited. He told me his ideas and we worked out a good location for it.

Latourell Falls is one of the only waterfalls open in the Columbia River Gorge at the moment thanks to last year’s wildfires. Trick is to show up early before all the tourist. Especially at ones like this which are a very quick walk/hike. There were a few people already there that morning so it was pretty easy to blend it pretending to talk photos of the waterfalls. Doug walked out to our preplanned location and dropped to his knee. She said yes! Stoked for these guys and am always happy when I can include some doggos(dogs) in my photos. Here’s to many happy years to those two!

Portland Rose Garden Proposal

This super rad Portland Rose garden proposal was a first for me believe it or not! RJ had been planning this for months! He’d periodically write me excited email about plans and different places we could do the proposal. We ended up settling on the rose garden because I would be less conspicuous. RJ had come down to Portland from Vancouver for the weekend.

After taking his soon to be bride out for a nice lunch in downtown we met secretly in the bathroom at the rose garden(Can’t make this stuff up folks). It was busy and crowded as always so I found a place out of the way where there weren’t many people and waited for RJ to work his way down there with his soon to be fiance. I pretended to take photos of flowers while I saw him make the move to get down on one knee and that’s when I turned the camera towards them and documented a successful proposal! I was nervous! She said yes though and we did a very short portrait session with them afterwards before he left to take her out to a nice dinner and enjoy the rest of their weekend in Portland.

Portland Winery Proposal

Rachel and Ella have become great friends since this surprise proposal took place. Rachel contacted me awhile back about wanting to suprise her girlfriend Ella at the winery while visiting Portland on a romantic getaway trip. Rachel had already planned a nice day at Willamette Valley Vineyards and thought it would be the perfect place to propose to Ella. I had never met them before so I had to be very discreet and plan everything very well before meeting them in person(like all proposals). I waited for a solid 30 minutes pretending to be just another casual wine connoisseur. My camera was hidden in my bag but easily accessible when the moment was about to happen.

Once Rachel coaxed Ella to the platform that overlooks the winery I slowly grabbed my camera as not to be noticed and waited for Rachel to get down on one knee. Luckily my nerves were calm because Rachel was gracious enough to buy me a glass of wine while I was waiting haha. Once the moment happened I snapped away finally being able to show myself and got to congratulate both of them on a success surprise proposal. After Ella said yes we were allowed to walk the grounds for a few minutes and take portraits anywhere we wanted with our own personal golf cart they provided. But that wasn’t all. Rachel had hired a helicopter exit to pick them up at Willamette Valley Winery and take them on a wine tour through the valley. All in all it was a fantastic day and I’m so very happy I’ve made two new friends from it. Super excited for their wedding next year. It should have been this year, but was postponed thanks to covid.

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