Bend + Eastern Oregon Elopement Locations

A breakdown of Top 4 Bend + Eastern Oregon Elopement Locations from my

Oregon Elopement Location Guide.


Top 4 Bend + Eastern Oregon Elopement Locations top spot has to start with Bend itself. Bend is by far the most popular area to elope in central/eastern Oregon and that’s for a few reasons.

Firstly it’s located in a fantastic part of the state with high desert to it’s east and the cascades to it’s west. It’s much drier than locations on the western part of the state but it can easily hold it’s own in beauty and if the perfect jump-off point to some eastern Oregon Elopement locations.

If you haven’t been to Bend, imagine if a tech town and a mountain climbing dirtbag town had a baby. It’s a great mix of the young tech scene and old school living out of your van type folks. Not to mention the coffee and beer scene here is fantastic for a little city. Below I’ll list some of the best Eastern Oregon Elopement Locations in and around Bend.


  1. Sparks Lake
    – Named after a local rancher from the early settlement days, Sparks is a shallow water lake about 30 minutes from downtown Bend. From it’s shores you can see most of the main mountains in the area, Three Sisters, Mt. Bachelor and Broken Top. It’s a popular elopement location and offers a good variety of backdrops from lakeshore, wooded or if you’re feeling adventurous you can take a canoe out to the island. This is an easy to access location that is great for intimate weddings are a larger elopement.
  2. Smith Rock State Park
    – Located on the way into Bend from Portland Smith Rock is like you broke off a piece of the red rock country in Utah and plopped it in the middle of central Oregon. It’s has a beautiful river that flows through the canyon areas. This place never disappoints and is extremely easy to access by car and does not require much hiking. It’s also an extremely popular spot for rock climbing and you’ll most likely see some climbers on the cliff walls.
  3. Broken Top Mountain
    – Located in the Three Sisters Wilderness and sitting at 9,000ft Broken Top is for the more adventurous couples. The hike about 3 miles, is not difficult but definitely not a hike if you’re not used to being active. It’ll take you by some beautiful bright aqua blue glacial lakes on the way to the top. Definitely good to have 4×4 or a high clearance vehicle to get to the trailhead.
  4. Tumalo Falls
    Tumalo Falls is easy to access by vehicle and only requires a very short quarter mile hike. If you hike another mile past the viewing platform you come to the middle falls which is another great option especially if you want to space out from tourists. The ease of access and the fact that it’s one of very few waterfalls in central Oregon is why it makes the list.
  5. Mt. Bachelor
    The biggest ski area on the west coast is located right outside of Bend. It’s the perfect spot to ride a lift and get hitched. There’s plenty of trails to explore and the area in general is quite beautiful.

Accommodations Advice:

For most of these locations I’d post up somewhere near Bend. Camping is a great option with the forest and public land out this way.

The Campfire Hotel
The Riverhouse on the Deschutes
McMenamins Old St. Francis School

Bend and Eastern Oregon Elopement Locations Sparks Lake
Bend and Eastern Oregon Elopement Locations Mt. Bachelor

Central Oregon Locations

These Central Oregon elopement locations are comprised of a wide geographic swath. It’s tough to organize these elopement locations by geographic location alone but these are areas outside of Bend that are still within a short drive.

  1. Crater Lake
    – Crater Lake National Park is absolutely stunning. It sits 2 hours south of Bend in some pretty rugged and scenic country. The Lake itself is a 2000ft deep collapsed volcano. Don’t limit yourself to the caldera area though, there’s plenty of waterfalls and views to take in on the road loop around the park.
  2. Painted Hills
    -This place is stunning. It’s basically in the middle of nowhere in central Oregon. You wont’ have much for accommodations but there’s plenty of cheap or free BLM camping areas around. The rust and ochre colored hills really jump out at you from the surrounding scenery. It’s an iconic location. As beautiful as it is keep in mind off trail hiking is strictly prohibited here so you’ll be confined to certain areas.
  3. Sahalie Falls
    – Meaning “heaven” in the Chinook language Sahalie Falls is located in the Santiam Pass Area the falls are on the McKenzie River Recreation Trail. It’s a beautiful spot if you’re wanting a waterfall backdrop on the central east side. It’s located near Koosah Falls which I’ve linked below. A great 2 for one area.
  4. Paulina Lake
    – A popular summer recreation area Paulina Lake. Paulina Lake is one of the twin crater lakes in Newberry Cratercentral Oregon, This is a perfect summer elopement location especially if you want to do some easy hiking and take a dip in the fresh water of the lake after an afternoon in the sun.
  5. Lava Tubes
    – This is not a popular location but I was thinking how rad it would be if a couple got married in one of the old lava tube caves. These are giant caves that the lava carved out years ago while it was flowing. Now it’s a giant underground tunnel which most people hike with headlamps(don’t forget extra batteries!). I just think this would be a really need adventure wedding idea.
  6. Other Locations:
    Koosah Falls, Ochoco National Forest, Deschutes National Forest

Accommodations Advice:

For some of these locations I’d post up somewhere near Bend. Camping is a great option with the forest and public land out this way. If you’re doing to Painted Hills or Crater Lake camping of a local lodge is your best bet.

The Campfire Hotel
The Riverhouse on the Deschutes
McMenamins Old St. Francis School

Bend and Eastern Oregon Elopement Locations Painted Hills
Bend and Eastern Oregon Elopement Locations Crater Lake

The Alvord Desert

The Alvord Desert is located right next to Steens Mountain in southeastern Oregon. It’s an insanely beautiful location and one that has gained popularity for elopements in recent days. It’s home to a salt flats similar to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. There’s even a few well known and not so well known hot springs in the area so be sure to track one down if you decide to make the drive out here.

  1. Hot Springs
    – This place is gorgeous. If I had to pick one location for couples to elope in this area this would be it(Hot Spring is linked above). You can camp here, have facilities access and most importantly 24/7 access to the hot springs which are privately owned. Almost everything else out there is public and you’re free to roam.
  2. Steens Mountain
    – Probably Oregon’s must underrated area in terms of beauty and visitors. It is remote. It is dry. The summit which you can drive to has an absolutely epic view of the surrounding desert landscape. Not only is it isolated and gorgeous, it’s home to wild horses! I foresee this location gaining a lot of popularity in the years to come. And you can spend your days lounging in the hot springs nearby!

Accommodations Advice:

This is camping country. Bring a camper or a tent and enjoy sleeping out under the stars!

Bend and Eastern Oregon Elopement Locations Alvord Desert
Bend and Eastern Oregon Elopement Locations Alvord Desert

Tucked away in Oregon’s Northeast corner The Wallowa Mountains are known as the Alps of Oregon. It’s an absolutely stunning area home to big mountains and ranching. It’s proper cowboy country and one I quickly fell in love with my first time visiting. It’s home to Wallowa Lake which is a reservoir popular with boaters and swimmers alike. But to really enjoy it’s beauty you need to take the Gondola up to the top of the mountain and hike around. Views are absolutely insane and would be the perfect sunset ceremony location.

  1. Wallowa Lake
    It’s a beautiful lake and would make the perfect little lakeside ceremony. If you’re feeling up for it it’s a perfect summer swim spot.
  2. The Gondola
    – Definitely my favorite location. For a few bucks you can take the gondola to the top of the mountain and be rewarded with 360 views of absolutely giant mountains. Hands down my first choice in this area. You don’t need to hike miles to be rewarded with insane views. Definitely the top of my list.
  3. Hells Canyon Scenic Byway
    – Part of a 218 mile loop that hugs it’s way through the Wallowa Mountain range. I’d be remiss if I didn’t add this on here. You can pull over at one of a hundred amazing locations just off the road. The views here are stunning and well worth taking a bit of a drive to explore.

Accommodations Advice:

There’s tons of great Airbnb or local lodge/cabin options here. You’ll want to stay on the lake or in the little town of Joseph.

Jennings Hotel
The Wallowa Lake Lodge
The Kokanee Inn

Bend and Eastern Oregon Elopement Locations Wallowa Lake