Top 4 Oregon Reasons to Elope to Oregon

I wanted to assemble a simple guide of the Top 4 Reasons to elope to Oregon(or the PNW in general).  Below I’ve laid out why you should definitely consider an elopement here in Oregon

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Reason #1: Top Reasons to elope to Oregon(and the PNW)

Location/Location/Location: This is probably the strongest argument I can think of for an elopement in Oregon. Oregon has one of the most varied landscapes of any state in the nation. From desert, to rainforest to lush coastlines with rocky sea stacks. It’s a treasure trove of beautiful landscapes. And for that reason you can literally pick any landscape and Oregon will most likely have it. Want snow in the summer? No problem. Want sand dudes or a lava flow? Easy. It’s really amazing how varied your choices are for scenery. Below are a few examples of all of the variety.

Oregon Coast

High Desert

Mountain Peaks


-Sand Dunes

-Tide Pools

Alpine Lakes


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Mt Hood Timberline Elopement


Reason #2: Top Reasons to elope to Oregon(and the PNW)

This one might come as a surprise to some of you reading this. BUT….

Seasons: Seasonal weather is one of the benefits to eloping in Oregon. Why? Well, because you can literally pick any seasons you want to have as your elopement backdrop. Want snow in the summer or a bright desert sunset in the winter? No problem.

Weather + Location: The state is so geographically diverse that you can literally have any weather you want for your wedding. It’s not always a guarantee you’ll get a sunset, but chances are pretty good if you go east of the cascades. Perfect example is if I’m feeling the winter blues here in Portland, I take the hour drive east to Hood River where I can almost always be assured I’ll see the sun shining. The geography gives you so much more flexibility with weather than most states.

Autumn is amazing: Oh and did I mention the autumn leaves stick around forever out here? The mild weather let’s seasons blend more slowly into each other prolonging the bright autumn colors.

Winter is a wonderland: In the winter it’s mostly rainy in the valley here. It keeps that lush, moss/fern covered rainforest vibe. But all you have to to do get a ton of snow action is drive up the mountain. It’s literally that easy. within 10 minutes of driving the landscape will go from green and lush to 4 feet of snow. It’s that ability that makes Oregon the perfect elopement location.

Summer days last forever: If you’ve ever spent any time this far north you’d know in the summer it sometimes doesn’t get completely dark until almost 11pm. Those long summer days make adventure elopements that include long hikes perfect.

Here’s an weather chart of averages for the state. Gives you a bit of an idea of the temps you’ll be looking at depending on your elopement date.


Reason #3: Top Reasons to elope to Oregon(and the PNW)

Another fantastic reason to elope is ease of access to many great locations.

Airport: First of all PDX(Portland’s) airport consistently get’s voted one of if not the top airport in the country. Flying in and out is an absolute pleasure, not to mention they have an actual dollar menu at the McDonald’s inside! Most if not all the stores are the same price as you would find outside and airport and the employees are actually a pleasure to deal with.

Distance: Most if not all of the ideal elopement locations are within 2-3 hours drive max from the PDX airport. Many are within an hour. That makes having an adventurous elopement an absolute breeze in comparison with some of the higher peak elopements of Washington or British Columbia. Oregon makes it easy.

Hiking: Finally, most of our locations are easily accessible by vehicle. That means if you want amazing photos but aren’t much of a hiker, the vast majority of locations can be readily accessed with a short walk.


Reason #4: Top 4 Reasons to elope to Oregon

Total cost of an average wedding: This one applies not to just Oregon Elopements but elopements in general. The average cost of a 150 person wedding nowadays is around $30k!

When you elope you drastically cut the costs on average.  Even with travel costs you come in way under budget compared to a traditional wedding. Elopements can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars for legal fees or as much as you want. It’s really up to you but it does have a large cost savings advantage to your typical wedding. Elopements allow you to cut out as much or as little as you’d like.

I will say you can spend as much or as little on an elopement as you want. BUT typically even if you were to splurge on an elopement the costs would still come in far under the average cost of your average wedding day.

If you’re interested in how much elopements cost I’m making a cost guide here you might like to check out.

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