Intimate wedding in Mt Hood National Forest

Rivers and Peaks

When people thing of a Mt Hood National Forest Elopement their immediate thought is of the big sprawling mountain. And while Mt Hood is glorious, the national forest around it is huge and sprawling full of amazing campsites and hiking trails next to rivers and streams. So when Josh and Samantha emailed me initially they knew they wanted a place in the forest that was easily accessible for their grandparents but still somewhere to capture the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Luckily you can drive down just about any backroad out here and find a location that fits the bill. My favorite is over near Estacada on the highway that runs along the Clackamas River. It’s currently being rehabbed thanks to the wildfires but it’s hands down one of my favorite places to adventure and enjoy the outdoors. So it was the perfect spot for these guys.

Ferns and Embraces

As much as the Epic Adventure Elopements get all the love, the vast majority of people really just want a intimate wedding with family to avoid stress but still enjoy the beauty the nature has to give out here. Of course eloping on top of a mountain at sunset is going to garner more instagram likes, but at the end of the day, it’s grandpa hugging his granddaughter that matters the most. That’s why I really like doing intimate weddings like these or “elopements” depending on how you want to call it.

This was a really straightforward shoot. They didn’t want many portraits, mostly just ceremony and family photos after. So that’s what we did. I still worked in a few portraits but everyone was ready to go get dinner afterwards.

If you’re wanting to elope on Mt. Hood have a big wedding up on the mountain at a venue like Skibowl in the area please get in touch. I know all of the great spots and I’m happy to share the beauty of Oregon with you. If you’re planning a Mt Hood National Forest Elopement check out my planning guide. I’m also able to sing your marriage certificate as an added bonus.