Banff Adventure Wedding

This Banff adventure wedding was so so rad. Adventure weddings in general might be my favorite type of wedding to shoot. You can check out a preview one I photographed in Banff here. Adventure weddings can be as simple or involved as you make them. Essentially they’re just elopements with a little more hiking/travel involved. It really brings the outdoors and adventurous spirit into your traditional elopement ceremony.

I have a deep fondness of the outdoors and love hiking to some killer spots, especially if I can convince a bride and groom to come along. Linh and Andrew eloped officially at the courthouse and decided to do a wedding shoot in Banff. As you’ll see by the photos, it was a pretty solid idea. I only shoot a few destination weddings a year any more because it’s just hard to stay on top of everything when you’re traveling. I’m heading off to Mexico for my last destination wedding of the year next week. It’s usually exhausting and scrambles my brain for a few days when I return, but when I’m able to capture moments in places like this it makes it all worth it.


If I’m being honest my favorite part of this wedding was how Linh rocked her hiking boots the entire time. It’s such a great look even though it was more out of necessity. We started at Peyto Lake for the epic “hero” shot and they did their first look there with Andrew standing on the rock. After that we hiked back up to the parking lot and headed down to Bow Lake which has awesome views of a glacier and a full on lodge at the shore of a beautiful lake. After we wrapped shooting the whole team went inside the lodge and ate some of the best bison chili I’ve ever had. Such a great way to spend a wedding day with two folks that have become friends. If you like what you see here check out Yeni and Allen’s adventurous engagement shoot we did over multiple days here in the Pacific Northwest.

If you’re debating whether or not to elope or have a traditional wedding I’ve made this simple cost breakdown for you: Cost of Elopment vs Wedding