2021 Year in Review

2021 was a wild year. Covid, reschedules from the year before, changing directions and focusing on small weddings/elopements. It was a lot to digest. So I wanted to make a post and go through some of my favorite moments from the last year and give a little back story to each. They aren’t going to be all epic photos but they were meaningful and some of my personal favorites from the last year. I

I hope you enjoy!

I shoot a lot of Hoyt Arboretum weddings/elopements. This one was during peak covid so it was super duper small. Just the family. These two were so sweet and nice to work with and honestly what I love most about this was they were adamant about getting photos with their dog beforehand so they had her mom bring the pup for a few photos….and look at that face!!

I shot this elopement in The Dalles during the wildflower bloom last spring. Such a rad spot to check out for a day trip. This moment cracks me up because they had just rolled a post ceremony celebration blunt and then capped it off with a champagne spray. Just a really fun moment on a super fun day.

Rachel and Ella couldn’t have been sweeter. I shot their surprise proposal and engagement. They had to postpone their wedding because of covid like so many others. So when then big day did happen it was just really good and cathartic for everyone. Just an absolutely awesome couple who I’ve been lucky enough to become friends with.

This day is VERY memorable. It was the hottest day of the year. I believe it was 115 that day. We were all absolutely dying. No air conditioner and an outdoor wedding. It was brutal. these two definitely made it a lot easier though and we got to sneak in some portraits after the sun dipped so at least we weren’t getting scored the whole day haha!

Anytime I get to shoot on Mt. Hood is a good day. I love shooting up at Skibowl. This was another scorcher of a day weather wise. Brutally hot. I’ve become really good friends with these two and Keith is from near where I grew up in NY and we’re both big Buffalo Bills fans. It’s always great when you can connect on that level with your couples. Just a really fun day in a beautiful location even if it was a scorcher.

This was another covid postponed wedding. I feel like I got to really connect with my couples who I booked almost 3 years before their actual wedding thanks to covid. I really appreciate when couples are fun to work with and don’t take their wedding day too seriously. These guys hit that nail on the head and were just amazing to work with. This photo sums it up for me.

Hey whatcha know, another covid postponed wedding! Seems to be a theme here. Molly had one major request for their wedding photographer and that was that I got a photo of the first dance with everyone looking over the balcony as they danced. Mission accomplished. This wedding had some major hurdles for reasons beyond anyone’s control and I’m just so happy it all worked out and was an awesome success.

Covid didn’t postpone this wedding but it drastically changed the couple’s plans. They originally were going to throw a big wedding back home but instead decided to do smaller one at the foot of Mt. Adams in Trout Lake, WA. For me this wedding was just about being around really great/fun people. Everyone made me feel like family and for that reason it makes my list.

My good friends Baird and Valerie live in Santa Barbara. She’s from Germany and because of Covid about a month before they had to cancel their wedding plans. Instead they threw a backyard BBQ and I flew down for the weekend and just captured the friends and family that could make it. We took one night to head up into the mountains to do some photos but really this wedding was about focusing on the important things(friends/family) and because Valerie’s family wasn’t allowed to fly in it really put an emphasis on that.

I met Dean through a surfing facebook group. He was getting remarried and asked me to photograph it. They live out on the coast and are just really awesome people. That’s why I love this photo. Just really good vibes and I feel like this photo shows that. Not to mention Astoria, Oregon is a rad little town.

This wedding was up at Cooper Spur on Mt. Hood. For me I love these photos because these two are some of the most positive people I’ve ever met and carried that energy throughout the entire wedding day. Also, her father was beginning to show the early signs of dementia. So that photo of him holding her hand is really important to me. I love that he had an amazing day and was sharp as a tack the whole time. Hit me right in the feels.

Diablo Lake is one of my favorite spots to shoot. Honestly, anywhere in the North Cascades is pretty epic. For me this elopement was a lot of fun for two reasons…first neither had been here before so that’s always really neat to see people geek out on epic locations. And secondly they brought their dog and if you’ve ever read my other blogs you know I absolutely love having dogs at weddings.

Ecola State Park. Probably my favorite location to photograph on the Oregon Coast. This one sticks out as a favorite to me because the couple was incredibly kind and fun to work with. They even offered me beer which I happily accepted. The photo below where the groom is crouching was just after an unsuccessful pumpkin beer bottle spray that went all over his new wife Kayla. RIGHT before portraits too. Luckily it cleaned up really well and a crisis was averted.

The whole family turned out for a sunset elopement and then had a campfire on the beach afterwards. Just an absolutely epic way to get married. I had a few other coast weddings this year I really loved but I’ve had to sign NDA’s so I can’t share them but rest assured they were awesome as well.

Timberline Elopements on Mt Hood never disappoint. This one I like because they didn’t really care about getting epic mountain photos. Instead they just wanted me to focus on friend and family who showed up and that’s exactly what I did. Such a great group and they were all awesome to work with.

I love this photo because these two really relied on me to do a lot of the planning. The elopement was at Wahclella Falls which is one of my favorite locations to photograph in the Columbia River Gorge. Her sister is a photographer so that was a lot of fun to talk shop while I was there. All in all these two were super easy to work with and were down to do any crazy ideas I had come up with.

Artist Point, Washington. Epic location. One of my favorite shoots of the year from a purely scenery point of view. I have quite a few more up there this year that I’m excited about. What i love about this shoot was that the couple own a wedding venue here in Portland and being able to photograph someone in the industry is always reaffirming. They brought their two dogs and we made an awesome day of it. Excited to get back up there.

Columbia River Gorge elopements are something I live for. Probably 50% of my business. It’s such an amazing location and looks great anytime of year although I prefer those late summer sunsets out there. These two are such a rad couple. He owns a CBD seltzer company in town which is delicious and they are both watch snobs…their gift was a rolex which was a first for me. This day was just about capturing good vibes with good people.

Who doesn’t love Diablo Lake and the North Cascades. I planned this for the most part since they flew in from the midwest. Neither had been out here so really just watching them enjoy the scenery out here was a lot of fun. Officiant Jimmy always makes couples do a shot with him before the ceremony and it really loosens everyone up so I wanted to include a photo of that too. This was a GREAT day up in the mountains.

I shoot a lot of elopements at Hug Point on the Oregon Coast. I wanted to include this one because it absolute poured rain the two days before this wedding. It was cold and miserable. Right before the ceremony the weather lightened up just enough for us to have a perfect day and make capture some amazing moments for these two. Some things are meant to be.

I photographed this the day after I got back from Costa Rica. Flights were being canceled left and right because of covid/weather. I was super worried I wasn’t going to get back in time. Luckily everything worked out and I got back. BUT then there was a huge snow storm and the mountain passes to the coast were very unsafe. We all made it luckily. But because of weather the couple was a few hours late so we had literally 1 hour to do everything. Man, talk about getting back on the horse. Not to mention it was 33 degrees out. A wild day but it turned out fantastic.