Elopements and Intimate Weddings

Why Elopements and Intimate Weddings?

There’s so many benefits to having a smaller wedding or venturing out with just your other half. There are a few I’ll list below but now more than ever they’re becoming a safe bet with an uncertain year of possible crowd control.


There’s no one to tell you no. Traditional weddings have many moving parts and often parents or family have input that has to be respected. Many times this results in sacrificing having the wedding you want to please your mom or grandma. Elopements bypass of those family politics.


We all know how expensive weddings are. Most weddings could easily be a downpayment on a house. While I think they’re incredibly valuable having an elopement or an intimate wedding is one way to strip down costs like venue, alcohol and catering. 


the biggest benefit to having an elopement or small wedding besides the freedom to do what you want is the photos. Often with a large wedding you’re restricted to places that can fit 200 or so people. With elopements you can take your Harley down the highway, hang out at a cabin all weekend or hike to the top of your favorite mountain at sunset. This is a huge benefit to getting rad photos. A mountain sunset is always going to look better than a banquet hall. 


Many large weddings are having to cancel or postpone right now. But the elopements and small weddings are still going full force. Normally this would never be on my list but I think it’s prudent to mention during this time. You can always have a rad elopement and show the photos at a backyard bbq with friends and family down the road. It’s a great way to have incredible photos and still celebrate with friends and family.

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