Mt Hood Oregon Elopement

Naturally as someone who loves the outdoors, Mt Hood elopements are one of my favorite types of weddings to shoot. I know the area well and have some really great spots off the radar I like to take my couples. And in the age of covid they just make the most practical sense for a wedding. This Mt Hood Oregon Elopement was such a refreshing change of pace to the really large summer weddings I’m normally shooting this time of year. it’s low key, fun, no pressure and having hours together with no wedding timeline pressure is the greatest gift of all for a photographer.

This year has been a game changer for they industry with the lockdown. Almost every one of my weddings has postponed until next year. Many however decided to do elopements in the mean time and throw a party next year which is really the best of both worlds. I’m super excited about all the elopements I’ve been photographing this summer and really enjoy when couples get a chance to just enjoy their day and relax with their closest friends and family.

Forest Moss and Love In The Air

As this year and next year pivots into smaller weddings I would love to talk to any couples thinking about doing an elopement instead or in addition to a large wedding. Oregon has some of the most amazing scenery to use as a backdrop and the best part is it’s absolutely free(minus your license).

These two flew in from Vegas to have a small elopement in the forests of Mt. Hood. It’s near one of my favorite locations on the mountain and it’s mostly off the radar so you don’t have to fight with tourist and hikers for space.

Mount Hood has a green and mossy side as well as a dry more high desert side. Countless lakes and rivers as well as a beautiful snow capped peak. There’s endless locations within an hour of Portland to give you the vibe you want. Hands down one of my favorite places I’ve ever shot with all of it’s beauty and diversity.

Waterfalls And Mountain Peaks