Hoyt Arboretum and Blockhouse Wedding

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This Hoyt Arboretum and Blockhouse wedding was two of my favorite Portland venues in one.

Alyssa and Steve came down from Seattle to celebrate their marriage at Hoyt Arboretum. Hoyt is such a fantastic intimate wedding venue. The park is located right next to downtown Portland. They held their ceremony at the Redwood deck in the park. The redwood deck is a platform in a grove of Redwood trees half a mile from downtown. You’d never know you were close to the city when you’re surrounded by these giant trees. It’s hands down one of my favorite intimate wedding venues in the city.

A short drive to Northwest Portland we celebrated the reception at Blockhouse. If you don’t know blockhouse it’s literally located in a greenhouse. It has a perfect combination of neutral modern industrial vibes surrounded by all the greenery of a large greenhouse. You’re literally surrounded by plants. It’s amazing. It has a very simple industrial vibe you can dress up or dress down depending on your desire.

Redwoods and Red wine

Having a Hoyt Arboretum and Blockhouse wedding allowed them to have both indoor and outdoor vibes throughout. Their intimate wedding was pretty much the perfect size for a couple wanting to celebrate with friends and family but not wanting to invite the whole town or your cousin Jimmy who you don’t really like(sorry Jimmy). I love these smaller weddings because I can really interact with the guests and capture the intimacy the smaller wedding provides. It is the best that both elopements and large weddings can provide all in one. If you have any questions about either venue feel free to leave it in the comments section and I’ll answer as soon as I can.

If you’re looking for Portland wedding venues check out my guide I made to local venues. Or if you just want to talk about elopement or engagement planning please get in touch.