Evergreen Wedding

The Evergreen Wedding Portland


This wedding at Portland’s The Evergreen felt like a giant party. I know it was a wedding but the entire vibe was laid back and felt like people were ready to throw down the gauntlet and hit the dane floor. The Evergreen is a pretty unique venue. It’s got a mix of old industrial vibes with a hint of high school gymnasium. I always thought it would be a rad place to have a giant loft space. It’s a fun place for winter weddings too. Big enough to have room for large weddings but intimate and different enough where you don’t feel like you’re in a hotel banquet hall.

Right below is Loyal Legion. In pre-covid days you were able to walk the entire wedding downstairs to the bar and have cocktail hour right on site. It’s the perfect medium size wedding indoor space. It’s also a great option if you’re wanting a winter wedding or Fall wedding and aren’t too sure what they weather will hold. You can dress it up or down as much as you want.

Beer Halls and Celebrations

John and Joel were as sweet as they come. Super easy to work with and very kind. They really loosened for the camera after a few drinks and tore up the dance floor. In all honesty my favorite part of the day was cocktail hour. It was so nice to see everyone celebrate in a relaxed bar setting. The good vibes hopefully can be felt through the photos. Really just a great celebration of two wonderful people.

If you’re looking for Portland wedding venues check out my guide I made to local venues. Or if you just want to talk about elopement or engagement planning please get in touch.