Top Wedding Trends for 2021

We all know the biggest wedding trend of 2020 was rescheduling…With 2021 on the horizon and the wedding landscape permanently changed thanks to Covid I wanted to make my own list of the Top Wedding Trends for 2021 after reading a few other blogs.

(This list is in jest so please don’t take anything seriously)

Wedding cakes are out. Tacos are in.

Top Wedding Trends for 2021 #1: No longer are the days where after drinking countless beers all day you are forced to stuff your face with sugary and often times dry cake. No longer are the days where cupcakes are trendy and you pay loads of money for something no one wants at the end of a wedding day. No longer are the days where you’re forced to treat your gluten free friends and family with disdain.

Tacos are in. We’re ditching the cake for a taco truck. Seriously. No one wants cake at 9pm. You’re drunk, a little ornery, and tacos are what’s gonna hit the spot. Not only that you’re supporting your local BIPOC taquero and supporting immigrant businesses. It’s a win win.

Every time the Cupid Shuffle plays you get to kick out one person you really didn't want to invite.

Top Wedding Trends for 2021 #2: Let’s face it: not everyone on your invite list is really there because you want them to be. Maybe your mom forced you into inviting them or you would feel guilty.

Gone are the days of feeling guilty. Now you can invite them AND have the pleasure of kicking them out.

Here’s the rules: Everytime Cupid Shuffle(let’s add in any Bruno Mars song too), you get to politely ask the unwanted guest to leave. It’s the rules!

Garter tosses are weird. Now we're just going to show everyone the photos on your phone instead.

Top Wedding Trends for 2021 #3: Awkward, invasive and slightly pervy are just a few words that come to mind when I think of garter tosses. Nothing like removing a garter off the inner thigh of your new wife front of 200 people!

Instead to keep with the invasive and awkward theme: you just have to show everyone at the wedding all of the photos on your phone. Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon!

Every time a toast giver says, "For those of you who don't know me" you get to shoot them with a Nerf gun.

Top Wedding Trends for 2021 #4: “For those of you who don’t know me…” ahh the one phrase I can guarantee you will here at every wedding, by multiple people and most likely followed up with a really bad joke.

Gone are the days of dealing with that. Now everytime a toast giver says “For those of you who don’t know me” BAM! Right in the kissa with a nerf dart gun!

I don’t make the rules people. I’m just here to educate.

Kids are out, dogs are in.

Top Wedding Trends for 2021 #5: Let’s face it. Kid’s aren’t meant to hang at a 8 hour wedding. It’s not fun for them and it’s certainly not fun for everyone else.

2021 is lettin’ in the dogs out! Leave your child in the daycare and grab one of our adoptable dogs from the SPCA. It’s a win win. People get to pet dogs all day and maybe someone will take one home to it’s furever home.

Sparkler exits are out, finger pistols are in.

Top Wedding Trends for 2021 #6: Everyone loves sparkler exits. They look pretty. They’re exciting. And who doesn’t love 150 drunken people with incendiary devices at 10pm? AMIRITE?

Instead, now you’ll be doing finger pistols. Just pull those fingers from your pockets, aim high in the air and shoot away. Make sure you say, “pew, pew!” very loudly though or else it doesn’t work.

Clinking wine glasses with your silverware is out. Smashing your glass violently on the floor is in.

Last but certainly not least:

Top Wedding Trends for 2021 #7: We all love a good clinking of your wine glass to get the newlywed couple to kiss at the reception. But it’s dated and frankly far too reserved. This is a celebration, not a funeral.

No reason to be so subtle. So clinking the glasses is out! Chugging your wine(or beer) and violently slamming it into the floor or nearest wall is in.

Let’s show the newlyweds how excited we really are!

Let’s hear your predictions for more trends in the comment section.

Wedding Tacos Are Legit

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