Banff Alberta Wedding Elopement

Banff Alberta wedding elopement? Don’t mind if I do. I could always shoot an Banff Alberta wedding elopement. Like every day. I’ve never been in a place so beautiful. Honestly, these photos and words won’t even come close to doing it justice. I’d do a Banff Alberta wedding elopement every day if I could. If you have the chance, buy your plane ticket and go. It really is that good. Background on the photos: there were huge swathes of the Pacific Northwest burning during my time in Alberta. Most days you couldn’t see across the road thanks to the winds blowing the smoke up from the States. The day we photographed this elopement it cleared *just* enough for us to capture some of the amazing scenery. On a clear day with no smoke or haze it has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Louise and Robin met a few years ago in Banff. Louise grew up in Banff after her parents relocated from Hong Kong. Robin was visiting from London on a ski trip and the two just hit it off and never looked back. They both immensely enjoy the outdoors. Hiking comes as naturally to these two as pushing the shutter on my camera. Robin is also an amateur photographer who photographs some really amazing landscapes and scenic shots. Soon enough he’ll be taking my job! Louise is an immigration agent in Canada(nicely done Robin). We had such a blast photographing their elopement. There were some really large wildfires in the Northwest of the United States that pushed up into Canada thanks to some really wicked winds. For almost the entire week I was there besides the day I arrived you couldn’t see more than 100 yards because of the thick smoke. I thought for sure the elopement was going to be nothing but a big white, smokey cloud in the background. Some how, some way, we got lucky. About 10 minutes before we got to Peyto Lake to start shooting the smoke cleared up and we were able to at least get a hit of the true beauty that Banff has to offer. Even on a smoky day it’s still the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

Design and Planning : Kismet and Clover

Hair and Makeup: Beach Beauty

Rentals: Cellar Door Vintage

Florals: Antheia 

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