Iceland Elopement

Man, what can I say about this Iceland Elopement that the photos won’t tell. Maybe that we had to sleep in freezing cold van for a week with no shower but that’s another story for another day. This is a blast from pre-covid past. I never blogged this Iceland Elopement vow renewal so now is the time. My friends Rob and Lyndi who own Sugar Rush Photo/Video out in Utah hired me to hang with them for a week in Iceland and capture their vow  renewal at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Iceland was hands down one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. You can see more of the landscape and day to day photos from this trip here. The day before we had perfect lighting conditions so we did a portrait session on the beach since we were camping in our Kuku Camper Van anyway. The light was soft and gorgeous. We explored the black sand beach of Vik since it was only about an hour away from the ceremony destination for the next day.

Black Sand and Icebergs

Iceland elopements involved a lot of gas station coffee and hot dogs. It’s typically Icelandic fare. The day of the vow renewal we woke up early to make a delicious breakfast of gas station coffee and oatmeal. We were lucky that not too many tour buses had shown up  yet because this beach gets insanely busy. But if you’re willing to walk a bit you can easily distance yourself from the main groups. Rob and Lyndi found a perfect spot on the beach. The light was extremely harsh this day, especially with it reflecting off the ice. But it’s an adventure so we all just rolled with the punches.

Rob and Lyndi both read their vows they had written the previous night together in the van. There was a lot of smiles, laughter and kissing. After the ceremony we walked the beach and had a blast photographing and exploring giant ice bergs the size of cars that wash up on the beach. Once the tide started to come in we had to move off it though because it becomes dangerous with a lot of floating ice. That night we spent the night in the parking lot and saw the most amazing northern lights show that was uncommon for that time of year. It was the perfect bookend to an amazing trip.

If you’re wanting to elope to Iceland or have an engagement, please get in touch.