Antigua Guatemala Wedding

Tina and David’s wedding really took the cake though. The dual Hindu and Jewish ceremony was something really rare for this guy and I imagine is a rarity in general. Diana at I do, Guatemala designed the wedding which was stunning. The whole family flew in from New York City(where David and Tina reside) and London(where Tina’s family now lives) to celebrate. These weddings and these people really make my job a wonderful thing! The both got ready in the El Convento which is a great place to stay if you’re going to be spending any time in Antigua. It’s a beautiful hotel in a very central location. The ceremony was done at El Cerro de la cruz(Hill of the cross…there’s a large crucifix overlooking the city on top of the hill). We had great weather that day and the sun was pretty harsh right up until the ceremony so we were able to cool off and capture some really great moments. The reception was held at Las Capuchinas which used to be an old convent(which why the hotel take the same name). The reception venue is probably one of the nicest places I’ve photographed a reception in regards to venues. As you’ll see in the photos it’s massive and these huge arches which are to die for.

Cobblestones and Volcanoes

When I do wedding work in Guatemala  or any destination wedding work I will shoot for 3 days. I shoot a rehearsal dinner, the full wedding day and a day after portrait session. The henna(Mehndi) ceremony was taken on the first day with a rehearsal dinner that followed. The photos around town were taken the day after their wedding because there was absolutely no time on the day of to do them justice. Antigua is one of those places you could photograph a million times and never get tired of it or find all of the neat spots.  If you guys are thinking about getting married in Guatemala I’d love to talk with you. If nothing else I can point you in the right direction and give you some pointers that I’ve learned over the year. Here’s ANOTHER  great shoot from Antigua that I really enjoyed.

If you’re wanting to elope or have an engagement on the coast please get in touch. I know all of the great spots and I’m happy to share the beauty of Oregon with you.

Rooftop Patios and Ancient Ruins