Cedar Creek Grist Mill Elopement

This Cedar Creek Grist Mill Elopement marked the start of the rainy season and fall for me. The mill itself is located in Woodland, Washington not too far outside of Portland. It’s a downright stunning location when the leaves are turning. Salmon swim upstream and you can see them jumping up and over the small waterfall in the stream. Lisa, the bride works for a trout non profit so that was kind of fitting in a way. Brian, the groom is a forestry worker. So I’d say the venue matched their personalities quite a bit.

The ceremony itself was held outside. It was quite a rainy day, but you just come to expect that if you’re having a fall wedding here in the Pacific Northwest this time of year. The rain fit the mood and vibe of the wedding so I was definitely not mad about it. It was a beautiful ceremony and everyone had their umbrellas just in case.

Salmon Swimming and Autumn Leaves

My favorite part of this wedding was trying to get a group shot of everyone that attended. We squeezed as many onto the bridge as we could since that was the only place big enough to fit everyone. I love that. They also brought their red heeler dog and he was able to watch the wedding. If you know me, you know I love dogs and never get tired of having them around for the wedding.

After the ceremony there was a small gathering in the mill itself. It’s not really set up for that but we made it work and by that time the rain was coming down pretty hard so everyone was happy to have a roof over their heads. If you’re wanting a nice spot to elope and aren’t looking for a long hike or have family that’s not able to move easily, this would be a really great spot to consider.

If you’re wanting to elope or have an engagement on the coast please get in touch. I know all of the great spots and I’m happy to share the beauty of Oregon with you.