Isle Of Skye Glencoe Elopement

This Isle of Skye Glencoe Elopement inspired shoot was just as amazing as the rest of Scotland. I have never visited a place that as much natural beauty outside of maybe British Columbia. Even got a great deal on my hostel and met some really great people.

My couple, Cheryl and Scott were amazing to work with. They live in Glasgow and hired me to take an elopement inspired session before their big traditional church wedding in a few months. They had already done engagement photos but wanted something more rugged and inspired by the highlands. They were more familiar with the area than I was but I had driven through earlier in the day to scope out a few places to shoot. The first one was a mountain lodge tucked in front of this massive cloud covered peak. The lodge is used as a mountaineering headquarters where climbers stay when they’re not up on the peaks. It was one of the most beautiful backdrops I’ve ever had to work with. Not only the mountains but the colors and textures. The highlands really blew my mind with all they had to offer. This is also the same valley that the James Bond movie filmed it’s famous scene it(Google James bond in Glencoe and you’ll see what I’m talking about).

Scotch and Mountain Fog

As is typical for an Isle of Skye Glencoe Elopement, it rained a lot the day before and the day of the elopement. So after getting our feet pretty wet in the soggy grass we drove down the valley a bit to a place that had what looked like an old stone structure. It resembled a stone beehive. I have no idea what it was but it was reason enough to get out and explore the area. We hiked past that, waded through a high creek and up the ridge to a trail. The sun just started to break around that time and I got some of my favorite images from that moment. I really can’t express how beautiful Glencoe is. It’s one of those places you just have to experience to really get a feel for. I hope I did it justice with these photos of Cheryl and Scott. Any couple willing to take off their shoes and hike through a raging creek to get to a better photo taking area is my kind of client. Awesome people, awesome place.

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