Bride and Groom Downtown Portland Elopement

Downtown Portland Elopement

Kelsey and Alex went the route many have gone this year and decided to do a small downtown Portland Elopement. While Portland is home to some of the most amazing elopement locations in the country, it’s also a great place to do a simple courthouse wedding. Downtown is such a fun place to photograph and there’s a great variety of locations to explore for bride and groom portraits. Thought if you’re thinking of doing a tradition wedding I just made a list of the most popular wedding venues in and around Portland.

Scooters Gone Wild

The business end of this elopement was very easy and quick. The judge performed a brief ceremony, papers were signed, lips were kissed and hugs and smiles were all around. We did a quick family portrait on the stairs and then explored downtown. They didn’t want traditional¬† but instead were into a more lighthearted fun vibe. That’s pretty easy to satisfy in downtown. We walked through Chinatown, hit up some of the fountains, big and small. But most importantly we ended on a wedding day scooter session which I highly recommend! I really love elopements and how much fun they end up being.

If you’re wanting to elope or have an wedding in downtown please get in touch.