Southern Bridal | Attabel | Charleston South Carolina

Charleston SC Low Country Bridal

This Charleston SC low country bridal was some sunny deliciousness. Here’s a glimpse of the bridal portrait we shot in the cotton field at my good buddy’s farm. The dress is a Stella York supplied by my favorite bridal shop in town, Camille’s of Wilmington. ¬†There were plenty of other shots taken but these are some of my favorites. I didn’t realize it at the time but cotton isn’t grown every year because the farmers rotate the crops or let the fields rest the next year. So we were lucky to be able to utilize this field only days before it was cut down. I really loved the theme of cotton that ran throughout the whole setup from top to bottom. Even the headpiece was made to reflect the white in the cotton and tie it all in together. We had a great sunset that night but the color when fast and quick. Luckily for us a truck would drive by every 5 minutes or so down the dirt road and kick up a bunch of dust that would make the sunset super hazy and soft. It was like I had my own personal fog machine on call which was really awesome. Attabel just got married this last December in Asheville and we had an amazing time up there with her friends and family. The low country near Charleston is absolutely beautiful and i really enjoy shooting there more than anywhere else in the southeast outside of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We had a hard time trying to keep the dress clean because we were essentially walking around a field full of very dry dirt that kicked up the minute you walked over it. Cotton is also very hard to walk through because of the short branches that stick out everywhere. It definitely made for a challenging shoot keeping everything nice and clean but we definitely made it work. I’m super happy with how this bridal shoot came together and I can’t wait to do more cotton field shoots in the future.¬†