Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer Day Trip

Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer Day Trip

This was a fantastic Portland Oregon wedding photographer day trip.¬†I went out to Portland at the beginning of February for a couple reasons. Mostly though I was wanting to see if it’s a place I could call home and I was thoroughly pleased. There is so much to do within the city itself but the true treasures lie an hour or so outside of the city, whether it be in the Cascades or the coast. It’s just absolutely stunning. I stayed with friends while there but was able to meet up with some photographer friends that I’ve known only online now for the better part of a year. Those are the people in the photos below. We hiked out to Wahclella Falls one day and did a bunch of shooting for fun. Cheyenne needed new photos so being a boudoir photographer out of the Philly area she stripped down to the pleasure of the lone male hiker watching from a distance. After the falls we hiked back to the cars and drove down through the Columbia River Gorge a bit to Government Cove which is this really cool spot to see the gorge from. We had a great time messing around and taking photos there. Afterwards we all went to pFriem for a beer and food which I HIGHLY recommend if you’re in the Hood River area. Anyway, thanks to this trip I’ve pretty much decided Portland is where I’m going to call home for the next few years. I still plan on coming back east all the time for work and visits so if you’re thinking about booking don’t let that stop you. I travel enough as it is. Hope you folks enjoy the snapshots from the trip!


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