Ruthie Lindsey

If you don’t know who Ruthie Lindsey is, go ahead and google her real quick before reading through the rest of this blog. I’ve known Ruthie online for quite awhile. Not personally by any means but she runs in the same creative circles I follow and I’ve always heard about her from other creatives that have either worked with her or just are familiar with her story. I’m a skeptical person by all accounts. When I hear about what a great person is or how awesome someone is I’m immediately skeptical and doubtful. Within the first five minutes of meeting Ruthie I felt this genuine joy that she exudes. It’s hard to explain really. She just has this overwhelming positive and contagious energy she exudes. It’s like being hugged by a smile if that makes any sense at all. Like I said, I’m a skeptical if not pessimist at times.


Ruthie having been through the battles she’s fought and come out on the other side with this overwhelming positive and caring attitude about everyone she meets. I hope you guys get a chance to talk with her one day because it’s truly inspiring and refreshing. The talk was put on by Pineapple Studios run by another amazing positive and hardworking individual, Jess. Those two are almost peas in a pod because of their similar outlooks and infectious smiles. The day started with Ruthie talking to a roomful of folks that were partaking in Jess’ event called “Sweet Retreat.” After the brunch talk Ruthie did a few one of one chats with folks that had gone. After the event we all went out for lunch and chatted the early afternoon hours away grubbing on some delicious local food. Later that night we took her out to one of our favorite bars that hosts a bluegrass band every Sunday. It was a great day. I look forward to meeting up with Ruthie again in the future.