Summer Camp Wedding

This Summer Camp Wedding was a doozy. I flew back to Vermont for this bad boy on one of the hottest weeks this summer. Neal and Kathleen were gracious enough to let me hang out with everyone for the weekend and I met some incredible people who were just so generous and fun. This wedding was one of my favorites to date, not because of some insane mountain views or hipster styling but the warm and fun loving folks that attended this wedding.

Back story: I met Neal when i was living in North Carolina a few years back. He had stayed at my airbnb for a few days before moving there for his job. Less than a year later he decided to move back home with his fiance Kathleen and build out the second story of his parents beautiful coastal Maine cabin for them to live in. He and his father are incredibly good woodworkers/craftsmen. Two weeks after he moved I was randomly stuck overnight thanks to a canceled flight at the Boston airport on my way to shoot a vow renewal in Iceland. His father drove over an hour to pick me up and let me stay with them for the night. I can’t stress enough just how great these people are.

Family and Friends

On to the wedding! This wedding was held at a summer camp in Vermont. Most of the wedding stayed on site in those cabins. I had my own cabin and let me tell you, they were ovens. Luckily there was a swimming pond and plenty of cold beer. The night before and of the wedding we had bonfires and ate s’mores with whiskey. Just a blast. The wedding itself was really personal and intimate. Neal and Kathleen did a tree planting ceremony with soil from each of their homes while their dog oversaw the ceremony making his way to everyone to get petted. The ceremony was brutally hot and we were all sweating to death but man it was good. The reception was equally as heartfelt and personal and it was what really made me love this wedding besides the great beer(and brick oven pizza). The speeches were hilarious and authentic, the dancing was sweaty and hilarious but most importantly of all the room was filled with a genuine love for the folks in it and it showed through the entire night.

Might I add, I love a good camp wedding.

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