Mt Hood Engagement Session

This Mt. Hood Engagement Session was a blast. These two flew all the way in from Houston, Texas for their engagement session. Mt. Hood and the surrounding area like the location in this elopement is one of my favorite places to shoot/hike so we headed out to the mountain and spent a few hours exploring. We started at the base of the mountain where everything is green and lush all year. I love taking people here because it’s an overwhelming amount of green with moss and ferns covering literally everything. It was a nice ease into the shoot because we headed up the mountain next to Timberline Lodge and did some quick shots there because let’s face it, when you come from  Houston, 5 feet of snow and 30 degrees isn’t idea when you’re in a dress and flats. Never the less we went up the mountain and had a blast.

Spring Blossoms and Winter Snow

We smartly warmed up after the shooting outside with a beer and some snacks from the lodge bar(definitely recommend). Once we were warmed up enough we drove back down the mountain to this little grove of cherry trees that were in full blossom. That was purely luck because we saw them on the drive in. Luckily, there were no other folks around and we had them all to ourselves. All in all I was pretty stoked with this shoot and I know Arielle and Rob were pretty stoked with it and that’s all the matters in the end. Hope you guys enjoy this!

If you’re wanting to elope or have an engagement please get in touch.