Gay Couple Corgi Filled Engagement

Martin and Lucas had planned a Craggy Garden engagement But as with all things pertaining to life you can’t plan. Before planning the elopement Martin got a job back in New York City so they were in the process of leaving Charlotte to return to New York. Martin does opera so it’s only fitting to be in NYC rather than Charlotte which is better known for Nascar among other things. So to get their fill of Asheville they decided to do a couples session at Craggy Garden on the Blue Ridge Parkway before they both moved. Once you get up there phone service can be obsolete so I was hoping that no one got lost along the way there. Craggy Gardens is about a 45 minute drive from Asheville on the parkway and worth every minute. The view are absolutely stunning.

Autumn Chill and Fog

The weather on this day was pretty cloudy and rainy. Especially once you get into the higher elevations you experience much more of it along with the wind which was whipping up a storm that day. They decided to bring their dog Lola, a beautiful corgi, for the session which I strongly approved of. For future reference, if you want your dog in your photography session, I’m all about it. I love dogs. So me, Martin and Lucas met me at Craggy Gardens trailhead along with Lola and started walking to the top. I wanted to get the photos from the top of the mountain out of the way first because I didn’t know if the weather was going to turn worse so I at least wanted to have some epic views in the bag. We didn’t really get epic but it was still very beautiful. We worked our way down the mountain slowly taking photos along the way and letting Lola check out all the spots. These are the sessions that I truly love. Shooting in an adventurous place in weather that may or may not cooperate and with people that just want to have fun regardless. Having clients that are willing to take on all of that with a smile(and who bring you beer…yes they brought me beer!) makes me love my job. I hope you guys really dig this rad session with Martin and Lucas.

If you’re wanting to elope or have an engagement on the coast please get in touch. I know all of the great spots and I’m happy to share the beauty of Oregon with you.