Asheville Waterfall Filled Engagement Session

I loved photographing this Asheville waterfall filled engagement session(I mean, look at that dress!). Brittany and Matt found me on Instagram which I post to quite a bit. We did the first half of their engagement shoot at the ocean and this was the second half to complete the Beach to Mountains feel we wanted. The best part of this entire shoot in my opinion is Brittany’s red dress. Talk about killing it on style! With the lush forest greens and earth tones it really popped in this engagement session.

The Blue Ridges and Misty Falls

They met me just outside of Asheville, NC on a road that will remain nameless because the location is super secret…for now. I’m sure they thought I was crazy dragging them way out in the woods where there wasn’t any cell photo reception and nothing but dirt roads and minimal campsites. After seeing these photos though, I’m sure they’ll think it was well worth the trip. I even had a photographer buddy of mine comment how much it looked like the Portland area in the Pacific Northwest. It’s true, and that’s because Pisgah National Forest is actually a rain forest and is always super lush and green. After photographing my secret location we headed back down the mountain to a well known waterfall in the area. It was insanely crowded earlier in the day so the plan was to hit it right around sunset when most of the tourist and swimmers would be gone. Thankfully it worked because as crowded as it was there would have been no way to photograph there earlier. Asheville is such a great place to elope or have an engagement shoot. The mountains and forests in the area are just spectacular and being a great beer city certainly doesn’t hurt

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