Vancouver BC Engagement Session

This Vancouver BC engagement session was a blast. While I was on the west coast recently, I drove up to Vancouver  from Seattle to photograph an engagement session(well, actually Victoria, but for all intensive purposes, Vancouver). The engagement session was styled by Kismet & Clover who did a fantastic job of bringing all of the vintage ice cream shop-iness to life at Cold Comfort. A big thanks to Tasha Winters for killing it on the hair and makeup. This was a pretty rad engagement for a few reasons. Firstly, the ice cream shop was killer. The flavors were soooo good. Secondly, I just love Canada. I grew up near the border in upstate New York and I find Canadian cities to be extremely friendly and clean which is a nice change of pace from working in big cities here in the states. After we finished up shooting at the ice cream shop we walked down the block to a school to photograph the bike shots. Right next to the school they were filming a movie and they hand the animal wrangler outside. We went over to talk to him and got to hang out with him and the trained monkey he had sitting on his shoulder for awhile. It’s not everyday you go to photograph an engagement session and end up hanging out on a film set with a trained monkey. After we finished talking to him we went back to the school yard and finished up a few shots before heading back towards the ice cream shop to pack up everything and go grab a beer together. Traveling for my business in one of the mainstays. I love it. It makes me more creative being on the road and I’m excited by the new opportunities it always presents. This engagement session in British Columbia was no exception. Thanks to all the vendors who made it possible including Modern Pulp who designed the beautiful stationary!