Portland Garden Wedding

This super rad Portland Garden Wedding was the best kind there is. These two were as rad as they come. Brittany and Matt are as laid back and fun loving as any bride and groom I’ve worked with. And it shows. Usually for me, most of a wedding if not all feels like I’m working because I’m worried about not missing any moment and getting ready for the next event of the day. With these guys I had become such good buddies with them that on the wedding day I really felt I was hanging out with two great friends just documenting a great time. As per the actual wedding, well it was a beauty. They got married at an indoor/outdoor garden space. The reception area is open air but covered and the ceremony side which is all connected is open air. We had beautiful weather and timed the ceremony just right for the light. As always I try to convince my brides and grooms to do first looks and these guys were totally up for it.

Summer Vibes and Donut Walls

What do I love about first looks? Let me tell ya! On almost every wedding the bride and groom are SO tense and nervous it becomes a detractor from the enjoyment. However, anytime I do a first look with a bride/groom and they get those wedding jitters out of the way after being able to see/laugh/hug/kiss and hang out before the ceremony they always enjoy it so much more. That’s not to say you should do one if you’re totally against it, but if you’re thinking about it, I HIGHLY suggest doing one. Another thing I loved about this wedding is they didn’t take the formalities(cake cutting, garter toss, exit) too seriously. They did it, but just had fun with it as it wasn’t important to the day at all. The focus was on family, friends and having fun. To me that’s what a perfect wedding is all about. At the core a wedding should be about the people and having a great time with them and NOT about the details/formalities that are so prevalent in today’s weddings. So I guess what I’m saying is, be like Brittany and Matt. Put fun and family/friends at the top of the priority list and let the garter toss get tossed out.

If you’re wanting to elope or have a Portland Wedding please get in touch. I know all of the great spots and I’m happy to share the beauty of Oregon with you.