Giants Causeway Ireland Engagement

What can I say about this Giants Causeway Ireland Engagement session? It was crazy. Not the photoshoot itself but the place. Ireland is so full of the most incredible landscapes. I’ve never seen rock formations like this and the legend behind it is something else as well. You can read about the legend and the giant here. These two are natives in Northern Ireland. We decided to do the engagement session just down the road from where they live about an hour outside of Belfast. I arrived a few hours before them to scout out the location as I always like to do given enough time. I parked and walked the 15 minutes down the trail to the rock formations and was horrified. I’ve never seen so many tourists. They were everywhere. To be fair, I was a tourist, but I’m also a photographer.

Basalt Pillars and Irish Seas

My couple showed up about 3 hours later towards dusk. I was just praying the entire time that it would clear out a little bit. I warned them about the crowd and the difficulty we might have photographing the session with the amount of people there. Thankfully by the time we made it down to the location where we planned to start doing our first photos the crowd had thinned a bit. It was still busy but at least there were some spots we could work with. Slowly throughout the shoot it became less and less crowded until the end we only had a few people left and it really opened us up to getting some more wide shots. I wish we could have done more scenic shots here but it just wasn’t possible with the people. I’m super happy with the way the photos turned out though and these two were rockstars for climbing up and down these rocks with no hesitation whatsoever. Ireland, you rock! Get it? #badpun

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