Sunset Surf Engagement Session

I had such a blast shooting this sunset surf engagement session with Kim and Daniel. Daniel is from southern California, Kim is a swimsuit model and both now live in a coastal town so it only made sense to do a surf engagement shoot. The water was pretty cold so fortunately for them they didn’t have to ride any waves which would have been tough to do without a wetsuit that day. The water is still really cold. The sunset that night made for some stunning light and if there’s one thing I love, it’s being able to play with good light in camera. We had to use a longboard because the weight of both of them would sink easily if it was a regular board. Even with the long board it was a bit dicey.

To be honest my favorite thing about these “themed” engagement sessions are just how relaxed and fun they are. It’s totally different than your typical engagement shoot where the couple get’s dressed up nicely and you do the traditional style. Those are great too, but these outdoors sessions just seem to have a bit more flavor for obvious reason. I’m sure it helped that Kim brought some mini bottles of spiced rum to drink during the session(Pro tip: if you’re ever nervous about being photographed, mini bottles will probably do the trick!). The wind was super bad that night so after they got out of the water it was time to wrap them up in some dry clothes and get out of there because the temps were not exactly beach weather quite yet. We all walked back to the parking area and headed down to the local beach bar for a beer which was a blast. Anytime I can have a fun time with my couple’s during the shoot and after the shoot I consider it a success.


sunset surf engagement session