Summer Columbia River Gorge Engagement Session

I love being a Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer because Summer Columbia River Gorge engagement session are right down the road. I get to travel to so many really awesome places on the west coast and especially Oregon. The plethora of waterfalls, mountains, and unending natural beauty is what I crave to photograph. Couples being in love and in nature is just my happy place when it comes to photography. Stefan and Brooke hired me knowing my style lends itself to intimate and natural. So when they wanted a Summer Columbia River Gorge engagement session, I said yes. They wanted to photograph in front of a waterfall and finish the shoot at an overlook with the mountains rolling on forever. All I had to say was, “absolutely!” These kind of shoots make me happy. It rained all day. Towards the end of the afternoon it was still raining but the sun started poking through the clouds here and there making the sky a brilliant contrast of rain and warm, glowing sunshine that cast rainbows all over the sky. In one of the photos you can actually see to mini rainbows coming off Brooke’s back. Portland and west coast has been such a source of inspiration lately creatively. Moving from the east coast to the west has been a big change but a wonderful one. The scenery in Oregon is unparalleled on the easy coast. So with that said, if you’re in Portland or anywhere near Oregon for that matter and planning on doing an elopement, wedding or just a couples/engagement shoot, I’d love to talk with you. Moving my entire business to a new state let alone a new town is never easy, but thankfully I’m able to travel alot for my weddings which keeps me gainfully employed and creating new work with amazing couples. If you’re into waterfalls, mountains, long hikes, and a good campfire, give me a shout and let’s grab a beer and talk about your wedding/engagement plans. First round is one me!