Rattlesnake Ledge Wedding

My bride really wanted a Rattlesnake Ledge Wedding. Unfortunately like all things weddings sometimes it just doesn’t go according to plan. After or more typical ceremony she decided she wanted to go back to Rattlesnake Ledge to just a quick bridal session so at least she had photos of herself in the dress from her wedding day. I, of course, obliged. Rattlesnake ledge is an insanely awesome view once you get to the top(bring water). We were lapped twice by some trail runners which made me realize how extremely out of shape I am…the Pacific northwest is my kind of place, albeit I need to do some more running at the gym before I settle in. Mountains, trees, rain, flannel, good coffee and the beaches are rocky and rugged. When we got to the bottom of Rattlesnake Ledge I had no idea it was an hour hike up switchbacks straight up the mountain. Needless to say I should have brought some cold beers for us all when we got to the top…mistakes happen. We did make it to the top and it was worth every bit of sweat and mosquito bites. The view was nothing short of breath taking(as are most Pacific northwest views) and it just reinforces the fact that bride and grooms who are willing to be a bit adventurous can really come away with some amazing memories if they’re willing to think outside the normal wedding box. I loved everything about this shoot. And since it technically was a hike I’d classify it as an Adventure Session which I’m really starting to promote as alternative wedding and couples sessions where we go out really take in nature while getting some awesome photos. If this is the kind of bridal/engagement/wedding shoot you want to have, I’m your guy. Let’s make rad memories happen and enjoy the great outdoors together!

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